Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bush's superior morals and decency

* Ron on armitage/musharraf/stoneage:
"The motive was to deflect attention from the fact that the Waziristan treaty was indeed agreed to with al Qaeda reps....the fact that the pact has been broken on a daily basis by militant attacks on the government, the press and "US spies"....the fact that Pakistan let as many as 2500 taliban and qaeda prisoners go including one of the daniel pearl killers.

It's bullshit...Pakistan backed the US immediately after 9/11...they were the first almost... And Armitage didn't meet General Mahmood alone...the pakistan ambassador was there and others...

it makes both of them look good...and the stupid press bit into it

but i doubt they would have reported the important stuff and asked the tough questions anyway

We needed to use Pakistan to bomb Afghanistan... Where the fuck would we have launched attacks on Pakistan from if that was true?"

* ew takes a look at the latest Libby filing. the detail in the comments is fascinating, again, even though i don't even understand most of it. Jeralyn has more.

* digby:
'The evidence shows that the "rigorous process" allows the United States to capture or buy many innocent or low level grunts and then hold them and torture them in Guantanamo as long as they choose. This is indisputable. And we are now codifying that process --- and granting legal immunity to those who do it. There's nothing more to know. It's all out there.
This means that while the Republicans are pretending to keep the Geneva Conventions intact and prohibiting torture and taking great credit for it, they have removed any means by which one could hold the US government accountable for failing to live up to those rules. Rights without remedies. In other wrods, the whole thing basically just legalized torture for any practical purpose --- and that means all of it, from forced enemas to waterboarding to the rack. What's a furriner gonna do about it? He's is specifically not allowed any judicial review of anything to do with his treament unless his US government torturers turn themselves in and ask their superiors to punish them.

This is it folks. There will be no judicial oversight of torture which means there is no way to enforce the law. The world will just have to trust George W. Bush to follow those laws based upon his superior morals and decency."


«—U®Anu§—» said...

AND, as Robert Parry points out, proposed legislation which would protect administration officials and their minions relegates the United States to the status of Chile and Argentina, and other "dirty war" states that torture with impunity and don't hold the culprits accountable.

lukery said...

parry is my hero!

«—U®Anu§—» said...

He's a trooper all right. He's the investigative reporter from the good old days like I was trained to be back in the 70s. And he has courage. With the Bush administration wanting to arrest critical journalists, most of them write very gently. Not Robert Parry, he just keeps slugging away.

calipendence said...

I wonder if Reggie Walton and the Libby gang have figured in to the equation that there are always other options some people might use to "hold them accountable".

It looks like there was possibly a bomb plot in their courthouse this morning which forced Fitzgerald and his staff (who were there ar the time) to evacuate the building.

Then again, perhaps since Fitzgerald and his people were the people there at the time, it was an effort to shut down Fitzgerald from prosecuting him in a "unique way" as well that could also serve their purposes of alerting us to the "terra" out there too!

It wouldn't be the first time that Fitzgerald has had to deal with a suspected terror plot affecting his courtroom proceedings. Remember last year when there was rumors of British agents trying to bomb the Dirksen courthouse near the Chicago subway when Fitzgerald was doing Grand Jury deliberations there in July...

lukery said...

if fitz got murderedm, that would certainly get some people to wake up...