Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Catchin' up is hard to do.

I'm back on board - trying to reclaim my land-legs - and read, read, read. Catchin' up is hard to do.

Thanks for keeping the place afloat everyone - especially Noise.

My first task is to f'p oldschool before someone else appropriates it (damn, I wanted to steal it too):
"We're a single bottle of Absolut Vodka away from total nuclear war and possible annihilation."
credit where credit's due ;-)

and my second task is to welcome LucyP. Hi Lucy.

More later.

What did I miss?

(adding, yes, i know there are more important things that deserve fp'ing - i was just giving a cheeky shout-out/welcome to LucyP)


rimone said...

please f/p Uranus's excellent analysis in comments from a few days back. i'm trying to find it now but have to go out in meatspace to take care o' bidness ASAP.

IMO, i'd like all of Uranus's comments f/p'd.

Lucyp said...

Hi back Lukery *waves*

lukery said...

rimone, done.

hi lucyp - i hope that everyone has been nice to you in my absence. they're an unruly bunch.

rimone said...

ty, luke.

unruly? US? you must be fucking mad.

lukery said...

oops - my bad RImone. apologies for toning down my adjectives. which one should i have used?

rimone said...

'highly intelligent' would've been good for starters.

HA-ha! me make teh funny.

LeeB said...

Yes, indeedy, Rimone!

And I would propose "extremely insightful" and "unbelievably creative."

And this time, we didn't even dump the ol' TeeVee over the balcony into the pool . . . Jeez! Where's the gratitude???!

lukery said...

geez - i thought that you were disappointed with 'unruly' cos it didnt go far enough in ther OTHER direction

LeeB said...

Heheheheheheh . . . . . . ;-)