Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cheney authorized the outing of the CIA spy

* emptywheel:
"In short, Libby is almost certainly lying about what he was authorized to leak to Judy on July 8, 2003, in a meeting where Judy Miller admits he talked about Valerie Plame, and where Libby tried to get her to falsely attribute the story. Or let me put it even more plainly:
Evidence suggests that the Vice President of the United States authorized the outing of the CIA spy who could prove Cheney ignored evidence that Iraq didn't have WMDs."
All of which suggests Libby's lawyers still have a problem. They're left with the same inconsistencies in Libby's story. And they're left with the increasing likelihood that "Scooter's black op" had nothing to do with the leak of the NIE and everything to do with the leak of the classified identity of a WMD operative.
emptywheel has been on this for a long time - and she's spot on. good on her. it's devastating analysis. does ew rock or what? I hope fitzgerald reads her.


rimone said...

not only do i hope fitz reads ew, i hope he's as virtuous and 'clean' as i used to think he was.

lukery said...

Rimone - the one good thing about Fitz is that he hasnt closed shop. I suspect that he's busy beavering away :-)

oldschool said...

I don't know whether Fitz reads ew, but I know that Joe Wilson *does* read emptywheel and FDL. He was on the Plamegate panel in Vegas which featured both Marcy Wheeler and Christy Hardin Smith, and I believe has been quoted as saying that both his and his wife Valerie's understanding of the case comes much more from reading them than from anything which they've found out personally.

Wilson shows up as a commenter occasionally at FDL, most recently in a book discussion on Sunday afternoon with John Dean. Having Dean, Wilson and Glenn Greenwald on a discussion was an interesting read.

EW is gonna be writing a quick book on the whole Plame-gate affair - and I hope that Fitz reads *that*.

lukery said...

thnx o/s - yep JW recently wrote a letter saying that he learns everything he knows from EW.

i didnt get to the book discussion yet. dammit.

and yep - can't wait for ew's book.

oldschool said...

I think I should probably point out that, though it's hard for me to come to grips with the idea of John Dean being on the side of the angels - as opposed to just creeping me out: Mr. Dean had the incredible good grace to come back to FDL - well after the end of the book thread (which could could not altogether un-cynically be viewed as a book-promotion tour stop) to come back later, in a a separate thread, in order to answer questions posed therein which he was unable, due to time constraints, to answer within that original thread.

I'm a defense lawyer, goddammit. I'll argue passionately for multiply-convicted felons, and mean every single word. Why do I have such a problem with John Dean? I really shouldn't.