Thursday, September 21, 2006

Daniel Pearl & Sibel

* from dkos:
"Before 9-11 Pakistan was regarded as hostile to the USA and complicit in international terrorism against the USA. The terrorist training camps funded by the CIA and Saudis and run by Pakistan's ISI to resist the Soviets in Afghanistan had morphed into the world's leading terrorism resource.

Since 9-11 Pakistan has been embraced by the Bush administration as an ally and received billions of dollars of grants, loans and weaponry. Given that Pakistan is linked to ALL major terrorism attacks before 9-11, on 9-11 and since 9-11, you have to wonder whose side they are on.

The reason for secret trials and secret evidence may be the risk in open court that we would find out. We need a transparent judicial process if we are to discover the truth.
According to 9-11 Press for Truth, from 51:00 to 1:12, the trail of 9-11 bombers leads right back to Pakistan.

- 1980s - CIA and Saudis channel hundreds of millions through ISI to fund Afghan resistance to Russian occupation, raising Taliban and Bin Laden. ISI founds Taliban training camps and jointly administers ISI/Taliban terror strikes in Afghanistan and India using the same people and same leadership. More than $7 billion is provided to Pakistan during the Reagan/Bush I administrations.

- 1999 - Randy Glass, part of 1999 Operation Diamondback by FBI and ATF, testified to having dinner with "Abbas", identified as an ISI agent, in a sting to sell illegal arms. After dinner Abbas pointed to the WTC and said, "Those towers are coming down." Glass was later threatened by the FBI and instructed to keep silent.

- Summer 2001 - Wire transfers via Pakistan to Mohammed Atta from Omar Saeed Sheikh, who was a member of ISI and was supported by ISI. Orders for the transfers were signed by Lt General Mahmood Ahmad, chief of ISI.

- September 2001 - Osama Bin Laden is placed in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

- September 11-14, 2001 - Lt Gen Mahmood Ahmad was in Washington, having wired $100,000 on September 10 to the hijackers. He met with State Department officials on the evening of September 11th, concluding September 14th when he returned to Pakistan with an unprecedented package of billions of dollars in aid and public recognition of Pakistan as "an ally in the War on Terror"."

* from a separate dkos diary:
" These comments pointed out apparent connections between Pakistan and 9/11, connections that Pearl was reportedly investigating when he was killed. LY also made this important point: Bush is planning to send Pakistan F-16s. This prompted me to remember one of the major demands made by Pearl's killers:to send Pakistan F-16s.

In other words Bush is now in the process of appeasing and rewarding Pearl's killers, by sending Pakistan the F-16s those killers demanded."

* from the brochure for Sibel's "Kill The Messenger":
"In this film, we would like to bring a special mention to Daniel Pearl. This journalist paid the ultimate price for his courage to go to Pakistan looking for answers to questions he had, like some others at the time. Among them, Sibel Edmonds."

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