Friday, September 15, 2006

define terrorism

* amy:
"The latest violence comes as CNN reports US commanders are privately conceding they need at least triple the current number of troops on the ground. Reporting from Ramadi, CNN’s Michael Ware says he’s heard the call from military officials across the country."

* amy:
"Pakistani president General Pervez Musharraff is warning the Taliban has gotten so strong in Afghanistan it now poses a larger threat than Al Qaeda.
Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraff: "The centre of gravity of terrorism has shifted from al Qaeda to Taliban. This is a new element which has emerged, a more dangerous element because it has roots in the people. Al Qaeda did not have roots in the people. But Taliban are more organized they have roots in the people.""
General Musharaff also deflected criticism his government has not done enough to fight the Taliban. He said several countries, including the United States, bear part of the blame for helping to create the Taliban and al-Qaeda to fight the Soviet Union.

* amy:
Diplomats and leaders from more than one hundred countries are in Cuba this week for a meeting of the Non-Alligned Movement. The group unites Third World countries as an alternative front to bodies such as the Group of Eight. A major focus of the meeting is to call for a global redefinition of the word “terrorism.” Some attendees want the term to also include all acts of violence against innocent civilians, including those carried out by states.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

Terrorism is hard to define. But this video comes very close.

lukery said...

terrorism is hard to define if yuo want to exclude States.