Thursday, September 21, 2006

The devil has been here

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez makes a gesture of prayer as he speaks of US President George W. Bush whom he refered to as "the Devil" during his address to the 61st session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. (link)

"comic strip approach to international affairs"


rimone said...

since i haven't been reading much news lately, i found out on TDS last night about Chavez.

i was fucking CHEERING.

ps, fuck bolton, bigtime.

Kathleen said...

US Media did not show the 5 minute standing ovation Chavez received at the end of his speech.

Comic strip diplomacy? No one thinks his truth is humorous, just singeingly honest.

Bolton's pugnacious punk plays don't even qualify as any kind of diplomacy, comic or otherwise.

I think Chavez's mock search for the source of the sulphur smell was karma for Dopey's mock search for WMD's, right in the chops, in front of the whole gd world.

Kathleen said...

Fuck Bolton??? You probably want to give that a second thought. Better he should fuck himself, eh?

rimone said...

lol, better yet, that total cunt from atlas shits, let HER do it, she's so obviously wanting it.

ugh. the pictures in my head now make me sick.

lukery said...

two words. first word, plato.


rimone said...

i was there once, the only person who wouldn't take her towel off.