Friday, September 15, 2006

The DOJ Coverup

Richard Carden has a new press release out:
"Rolla, MO (PRWEB) September 7, 2006 -- R&R Publishing Inc. on behalf of Dick C., a well-known author, has entered into negotiations for the sale of the latest release by Dick C., “The DOJ Coverup.”

Dick C., was the “Relator” in a Qui Tam, (Whistleblower Lawsuit) which was filed on October 12, 2005. The lawsuit had been filed in the Southern District of California at San Diego. The lawsuit case number was 05CV1937. Prior to the filing of the lawsuit Dick C. had been furnishing the DOJ and the FBI with detailed information since August 17, 2005. In September 6, 2005 he traveled to San Diego and spent 3 hours with the DOJ giving them the detailed information.

Dick C and his company had developed a process for data migration in the early 90’s. The process and his company became a very involved part of the original: “Automated Document Conversion Study.” Subsequently, his company received a GSA Federal Schedule that permitted him to easily provide the service to any branch of the Federal Government including the DOD. As a result of this action, unknowingly, Dick C became involved in the current “Congressional Corruption Scandals.” As those stories began to break it became ever more apparent how much information Dick C had regarding the subject. Dick C immediately contacted the Federal authorities.

The book relates in great detail how the DOJ has worked very hard to cover up the lawsuit, the story, and the significant information. The book is complete with copies of relative documents, e-mails, and other materials that make for a very interesting read. The significant parties in the book are, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congressman Duke Cunningham, Brent Wilkes who is currently named as Co-Conspirator No 1 in the Cunningham case and Tom Casey of Audre fame. The book relates how the DOJ has attempted to cover the story up to protect the California Republican Party, which will ultimately suffer great losses if the story were made public."

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