Monday, September 11, 2006

the driftglass edition

* driftglass on 911:
"We can each choose to stand and fight where we can and as best we can, or we can choose to lie down and let this beautiful, consensual hallucination called America die, but never doubt the choice is ours.

Five years ago the specific job of taking point on that mission -- of guiding us through our particular, bewildering tangle of culture, rage, modernity, technology, faith and globalization -- fell to George W. Bush.
He stands tall today only among a hard core minority of hardwired acolytes and bigots and their panic-peddling media because only in the dark AntiAmerica of their imaginations does a creature like George Bush shine.

Only in their nightmare vision of a nation kept intentionally terrified and on its knees can a man like George Bush have stature. "

"Because for the last six years there has been a veritable cataract of carefully shaped lies pounding against body politic.

Big, loud lies. And stupid lies. Murderous lies. And little lies with little knives that slither though the nation’s arteries, nicking them into a leaky, lacey Cheneyesque ruins and bleeding us slowly to death.

Like terrorists, the liars do not care about the takes-offs or landings of their flights of fancy, because they have no beginning or end in mind. The sole driver of this Administration has been the merciless expedient of the drunk trying to find his next bottle. And as they reel from self-made crises to self-made crises, it gives them a terrible purpose at which they have become terribly proficient.

To. Lie. All. The. Time.

For six years their lies have slammed into the pillars of our democracy, one after another, as calculatedly as the 9/11 murders drove their hijacked planes into our buildings. And to exactly the same ends. To crash the system. To paralyze the nation with fear. To goad us into doing one goddamned stupid thing after another.
And in a sane Universe it would now all come to an end.

Under the weight of an incensed Legislative Branch, a furious press and an indignant public made up of good citizens of every political stripe, this regime of pimps and puppets and hucksters and lunatics who have led us into disaster would now implode and fall laughably and embarrassingly apart at the seams."

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