Wednesday, September 27, 2006

driftglass: wordsmitthery

* drifty:
"Budgets are interesting documents, because they are the exact point at which the rubber of your rhetoric meets the road of Reality.

For three years, the GOP has done its fan dance of smoke and mirrors about the single most important issues of our time – the catastrophic failures of this Administration at every level and on every front. From the ongoing, escalating debacle in Iraq to the Norquist Manifesto that this government made fatally manifest in the streets of dead New Orleans, the Bush White House has show itself to be simultaneously ignorant, arrogant and spectacularly incompetent at the most basic tasks of governance, and at a scale that we have never seen before, in our lifetimes and possibly in our nation’s history.

They have ruled elbow-deep in the blood and sacrifice of their betters with a ruthless, giddy pleasure, obeying one and only one commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Inconvenience Thy Fellow Rich, White Plutocrats For Any Reason.”

George Bush has gotten up every day for the last three years and has bludgeoned home the same, simple message in every speech he ever gives, whether to Rotarians in Tallahassee, Americans in Urgent National Addresses, or Barney the White House dog when he is making his morning ablutions in the POTUS potty
Meanwhile, George Bush could solve the military budget problem relatively simply by calling for sacrifice and asking those that most benefited from his reckless, profligate tax cuts to now give something back to help our kids overseas.

He could denounce the looting the billions of dollars in Iraq and demand a full investigation.

He could barnstorm the country, tapping into his vast network of donors and political allies, asking the Party Leaders who now run the country root and branch to lead by example and urge their children to join the Army and Dubya's Noble Cause.

If he were serious, he could invest the salvation of the Army and its mission with at least the same zeal he once gave to the demolition of Social Security.

If Iraq were truly as important as he claims with every breath he takes, he could do all of this easily. He could spend all Fall on it, and by November he would have begun to show the world that America is deadly serious about Iraq, and show voters that Republicans are deadly serious about national security.

It would be win-win-win...if Bush were serious.

But of course Bush will do none of this, because if he did his base would turn on him like wild dogs.

Because his rich backers don’t give a shit about this country and never have, and would have his hide to upholster their Mercedes’ if he laid a federal finger on their wallets.

Because his base is that solid slab of invincibly ignorant dittoheads at the bottom of Evolution’s barrel that know nothing, stand for nothing and remember nothing but fetishize every word the Dear Leader speaks because that’s just how fascists are wired.

The Dear Leader promised them all that they never need to worry their tiny heads over math, or science or causality again. He promised them that Voting 2+2= 177 makes 2+2= 177 damn it! He promised them boundless Victory after Victory. He promised them ouchless, teevee friendly Shock and Awe Military Miracles for two pennies apiece…forever.

All along, responsible grownups warned the Whiny Ass Titty Babies of the Right that sooner than they could imagine the piper would have to be paid. And all along Whiny Ass Titty Babies of the Right called them traitors and haters. Told them that the Dear Leader had repealed arithmetic and to shut the fuck up.

That they will gladly pay you Tuesday for their World War Three today.

And now, in too many dreadful ways to count, that IOU is coming due.

Because no matter how many bills the GOP pass and no matter how many speeches Dubya gives promising the mouthbreathers otherwise, the tide will always come, and Reality will always have her merry way with us."
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