Saturday, September 09, 2006

Embarrassed for your country yet?

* reuters:
"At least 10 Florida journalists received regular payments from a U.S. government program aimed at undermining the Cuban government of Fidel Castro, The Miami Herald reported on Friday.

Total payments since 2001 ranged from $1,550 to $174,753 per journalist, according to the newspaper, which said it found no instance in which those involved had disclosed that they were being paid by the U.S. Office of Cuba Broadcasting."

* josh:
"In a way what's most telling is that it doesn't even appear to be part of one program. I doubt very much that the same bureaucrats and appointees were paying these anti-Castro guys as were paying Armstrong Williams to yap about No Child Left Behind. Or Maggie Gallagher about pre-marital sex, or whatever it was they paid her to do.

It's like a culture of propaganda that has suffused the whole administration. And the specific instances we've found out about all appear to have been revealed by specific investigations or random squealers. And that suggests that once subpoenas get handed out, we'll find out about a lot more.
Embarrassed for your country yet?"
* via jeralyn:
"Armitage, who appeared before a grand jury three times, said he could only guess as to why Fitzgerald continued the investigation. There were allegations at the time, he noted, that two White House officials had discussed Plame's identity with a half-dozen reporters."

* jeralyn:
"Another interesting question: Libby's lawyers wrote in this brief (pdf) that Fitz learned of Novak's source in February, 2004. If Armitage disclosed it to the Government in October, 2003, why wasn't Fitz told until he had been on the job two months?"

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