Tuesday, September 12, 2006

frontpage 'status'

again - i'd like to thank guest-posters Noise and not-rimone for doing duty here while i was away last week. i'd love them to both continue posting here. I've also given Uranus the keys to the front-page. This is all a bit of a new experience for me - I've asked them all to preface their posts with an identifying 'hey - this is me' tag at the front end of each post - so hopefully none of you will be confused. i know how discombobulating it can be to read something only to find out later that it was written by someone other than who you'd expected.

if anyone else wants to jump in and volunteer for frontpage 'status' - just lemme know. you all rock and i'd f'p all of your comments if i had the time. one thing is for sure - most comments deserve to get the widest audience.


rimone said...

i'm on the phone w/the whitehouse right now, asking the squatter to pitch in w/his thoughts or whatever. he put me on hold. ok, i'm still holding.

wait---they're banging down my front door.

i'll get me coat now.

lukery said...

rimone - stay safe, and tell 'em what i think of 'em

LeeB said...

Me, too!! Tell 'em for me, too!!!


amerikan_psycho said...

welp, they got /her/ but i'm still here. the very second they took away what she called her 'medication' and 'plants' she told them /everything/, giving them lists of sites she reads and comments on.

for some reason they let her make her one phonecall--when they heard her go 'mom--tell Osama i'll get back to him ASAP' they cut the connection.

i took off when she broke down in tears and gave the bush oath of allegiance. what a fucking lameass.

lukery said...

Rimone is so weak. I hope she likes her new dope.

thanks for passing the message on to us, 'psycho - i don't think that rimone's mum knows how to get a hold of him, so i'll pass on the message to him.

rimone said...

nah, Luke, i only say that to piss my mom off so then i get to tell her, for the millionth time, about bu$hCo and fear. (she's really old and forgets even more than i do.)

'constant repetition works, David. constant repetition works, David.' from Natural Born Killers.

i'm hoping it works on my mom whom i've been telling all about this particular pile of bullshit since last december when we learnt about the NSA.

lukery said...

rimone: "she's really old and forgets even more than i do"

maybe i'll take up uranus' idea and try to live to 150 y.o.)

rimone said...

please don't make me puke--if y'all wanna live that long, please at least put in the part about your brain still being as functional as it is today.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Thanks for letting me post, and be a part of this robust and intelligent discussion!