Thursday, September 07, 2006

get a guitar and go on the road

* uranus in the comments:
"Kurt Vonnegut said recently the purpose of life is to fart around. Bush takes this advice to a very serious and vulgar extreme. And Congress would applaud him even if he put all their families in concentration camps, and forced them into crematoriums at gunpoint. You're no less confused about that than anyone else. At times like these I turn to philosophy: some screwed-up stuff doesn't make sense, and stupid is as stupid does. About half the people don't vote, and half who do are a hillbilly feud looking for a place to happen. And most anyone in the other half, chosen at random, would make a great public servant, but isn't enough of a criminal to run. What to do, what to do. An old friend gave me some advice about 15 years ago, and it didn't make sense then: "get a guitar and go on the road." Woody Guthrie would be proud of that tip."

* oldschool in the comments:
"Bush can somewhat easily be dismissed, perhaps as a self-defense mechanism, as but a figurehead, a non-entity, irrelevant in the larger scheme of things, because he is actually so far removed from what really matters and is decided (without his input)(and most likely without his knowledge to the extent possible).

BUT, the guy is still fascinating in a horrible, slow-motion-train-wreck kind of way. He's on record as fully believing that only two things matter to him. ONE, that he is on a mission from God, with direct personal and infallible input, and TWO, that it simply doesn't matter what polls, Americans, or the rest of the world thinks about him - his judgment will not come for another 50 or 100 years, when the historians look back, and he is safely in the bosom of that same politically-deficient God.

So he has nothing to lose - he has nothing presently on the line - there is nothing for him to worry about - he's the most care-free guy in the country - for God is guiding him, and the judgment of historians will come long after he's departed this mortal coil. He's invincible.

Now - how happy are we that this twisted simpleton, unfettered by fear or doubt, as are the rest of us mere mortals, has the power of life or death over millions, perhaps billions? We're a single bottle of Absolut Vodka away from total nuclear war and possible annihilation. And, figurehead or not, the doofus with the ultimate decision is not Cheney, is not Rumsfeld or Rice, is not Richard Perle or William Kristol, it is our drunk-in-chief.

I feel better now - how 'bout you?"

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