Thursday, September 14, 2006

Group Hug

* must see daily show vid from 91106

* thnx again to all of you keeping the place afloat while i've been gallavanting around the country visiting family and getting this interview done and otherwise AWOL. While I've had my back turned, some of you have been talking behind my back and have been helping LeeB and Kathleen orchestrate a super-secret project. The details should be released in the next few day. I'm not sure how much I can say yet, but the subject matter is important, and also very touching.

And now our secret maiden mission of the GSF, about to be unveiled, right here in River City.

Thank you all GSFers for helping LeeB collect the data. You'll be glad when you see why we needed it, AND, you'll get to use the info yourself sometime whenever you want, thanks to our Team TechnoWhizz, LeeB.
Group Hug, guys.

LeeB, can you figure out how to make a group hug on our map, for moments like this?
on demand, LeeB sent me this graphic for a group-hug. (i'm not sure if the animation will work)

details to follow.

there's not much i can say for certain - but we certainly punch above our weight. Thanks to you all. again.

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Kathleen said...

XOXOXOXO to the nth.