Friday, September 01, 2006

hand the keys over

i should prolly inoculate y'all.

im going to visit my nan for a few days. in a few days.

i'm not sure how much (if any) blogging i'll do while i'm there.

who d'ya think i should hand the keys over to while i'm gone?


oldschool said...

Ooh,ooh,ooh, can I answer that one?

Rimone - nominated because there's always a possibility that in Luke's absence, the post could degenerate into righteous moral indignation and naughty-words - and I think we can rest assured that Rimone will brook none of that sort of thing.

Damien - nominated for the depth of his knowledge - who could use this too-brief period to enlighten the rest of us with but some of his 9-11 knowledge (I'm still reeling from the 36% inside-job poll below)(and in the mood for more).

Kathleen - nominated because, as a rock-star she is legally required to write a book, and it would be oh-so-fun to have her regale us with anecdotes, and to submit to her our critiques (read cheers).

LeeB - 'cause she's gonna be up all night anyway, chewin' her nails and thinking about damn near everything. We could all go along for the ride; the scope would be broad and never dull.

Or maybe some of your A-list friends (EW, Larissa, et al) might be persuaded to drop a post or two in the friendly confines?

And I vote for...

rimone said...

i vote oldschool and everyone else he mentioned apart from me. cause if it's me, you'd see many huge 'FUCK BUSH HARD's and the like or worse yet, copy/paste my post offering to give him that impeachable blowjob, but this time, with real feeling, more impassioned and all).

believe me, it'll all go downhill from there (e.g., you'd lose your serious readers). plus, nobody would learn shit apart from me trying to think up new immature names to call them and ridiculous situations et al.

Luke, you've GOTTA keep a semblance of seriousity here. i vote for LeeB, Kathleen, Damien, Don, Jiminy Cricket, Prof Marcus. wait, i can vote more than once, right? since i'm a US citizen and all.

Miguel said...

How about Simon?

lukery said...

nominate thyself.

anyone and everyone can play.

Kathleen said...

I vote for whoever knows how to work the dang thing, and that is not meeee. LeeB just taught me how to cut and paste, would you believe.

But we'll all speak our usual piece. We just won't have Luke's wryness for a bit. We'll have to hang in there.

lukery said...

oooh! copy / paste! very sophistimicated!

rimone said...

Miguel: How about Simon?

the first/last time i saw Simon, he came over and visited me (first Lukeryland GSF meet-up; eat yer hearts out suckers!) lol.

anyway, what i was trying to say was he's been MIA since then. i think i somehow 'did' something to his mind. the day after, i mailed him to thank him for coming over and apart from a quick 'i'm very busy doing stuff' mail in return, haven't heard from him since.

i hope he's ok.

lukery said...

i've been worried about simon too. i haven't heard from him for ages - and he hasnt posted at his site for days. i worry that it's something to do with his mum.

i'd LOVE to have him post here - he even promised me that he'd write a post here a few weeks ago.

damien said...

Damien can't post because he's been taken over by the real world for a while (also because he's used up the few ideas he ever had). But, as a filler, he's managed to pinch a nice piece from WakeUpFromYourSlumber (awesome!!!!) and has posted it over here with a few extra comments of his own. It's about buildings and stuff.

rimone said...

damien: Damien can't post because ... he's used up the few ideas he ever had

i know bullshit when i smell it, dude. 'few ideas,' my fucking ass. your site is GREAT although it pains me to read too much at one sitting.