Wednesday, September 20, 2006


* drudge via chris:
"A new blockbuster book by WASHINGTON TIMES reporter Bill Gertz exposes how China recruited at least three CIA officers as spies, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Gertz writes in 'ENEMIES: HOW AMERICA'S FOES STEAL OUR SECRETS, AND HOW WE LET IT HAPPEN,' that details about the spies were first discovered in 1999 by counterspies who were able to trace some of the money paid by Beijing.

Chinese intelligence paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the spies, and one CIA officer alone got some $600,000 in Chinese money.

Gertz discloses for the first time how spies were recruited by members of an ultra-secret Chinese spying unit known as the First Department of the People’s Liberation Army military intelligence service."
Gertz is apparently blaming Tenet. I wonder if this has anything to do with Tice's case.


Chris said...

I could not believe this (well, I guess anything is believable now). Of course, I assume every country on this planet is spying on us in one way or another, but to know about it and not do anything about it (hmm, something sounds familiar here........the names Sibel Edmonds and FBI come to mind) is just outright crazy. I personally believe China will be our next enemy after (or hell, they may make the move before) the Islamic extremists. Tawian could be the pretext for a U.S. - China conflict, but as we all have seen, we really need no pretext for conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this book fails to mention the Iran-Contra protected drug runners (ie. Barry Seal) and how they've basically corrupted both coasts and made it easier for spies to blackmail our guys.


lukery said...

chris - sibel's case tells the story about how guys like richard perle etc are selling military secrets to china... (but i think that yuo are correct about the taiwan pretext)

anon - indeed! it almost appears that the spying & blackmail is a feature, not a bug