Wednesday, September 06, 2006

it's tune time

first of all, my lit-tle rant: fucking goddamned blogger hasn't let me log in or post since last night. bastards. i finally thought to go in via the back door (not the anus) through my 'history' list. as well, i believe i already posted in comments here that it ate my 2nd post. this would've been my 3rd. oh well.

anyway, dunno if y'all will like this; 'snot really my kinda music but i adore the ethos of the anarcho/punk anti-capitalists that are Chumbawamba: 'the ABCs of Anarchism'.

and now for something more my style: 'i live for drugs' (or 'A Daisy Chain for Satan' by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult). cause as they say, 'i'm the White Rabbit'). :-)

hey! i shoulda picked the_white_rabbit as my screen-name, then nobody would've known it was me, lol.

now where in hell's Lukery? by /my/ time, he should've been back already. fucking liar, he is.

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