Saturday, September 30, 2006

just a comma, again

* i dont think this is satire from a conservative:
"Now let me just state at the outset that like President Bush I am opposed to torture except in certain circumstances when it's really, really necessary, which is why I am a member of Blogs Against Torture. "

* sargent:
it apparently is a talking point. funny. kinda.

* josh:
"If I'm understanding this correctly, that means that the leaders of the House Republican caucus (Hastert and (at the time) either Tom DeLay or Rep. Blunt) have known for almost a year that a member of their caucus was having cybersex with an underage congressional page. And apparently they did nothing about it.

I think this story is about to get a lot bigger"

* olbermann did a great piece on the pre-911 warnings.
"Apparently the only operative word in them saying: "we could not have anticipated" was 'we'"

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rimone said...

i'm still too flabbergasted at the entire 'comma' thing whenever i read it. personally, i think it's a : and sending us all straight down the tubes.