Monday, September 11, 2006

making fun of katherine harris. easy, but fun

* wapo A1:
"CIA counterterrorism officers have signed up in growing numbers for a government-reimbursed, private insurance plan that would pay their civil judgments and legal expenses if they are sued or charged with criminal wrongdoing, according to current and former intelligence officials and others with knowledge of the program.

The new enrollments reflect heightened anxiety at the CIA that officers may be vulnerable to accusations they were involved in abuse, torture, human rights violations and other misconduct, including wrongdoing related to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. They worry that they will not have Justice Department representation in court or congressional inquiries, the officials said."
* Raw has a video of olbermann making fun of katherine harris. easy, but fun.

* ROn:
"A new "hard-hitting" video released today by the Democratic National Committee slams Bush's "new found interest" in Osama bin Laden on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and two months before the mid-term elections, after "years of hardly mentioning" the al Qaeda leader.'
check out the vid here

* prather:
"In particular, in April, 2002, Bolton got Jose Bustani – Director-General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – fired because Bustani, "was trying to send OPCW chemical weapons inspectors to Baghdad and that might have helped defuse the crisis over alleged Iraqi weapons and undermined a U.S. rationale for war."
So, has Bolton been central to a multi-year-long neo-crazy conspiracy – falsifying intelligence, while suppressing all legitimate intelligence on nukes and chemical weapons – with the objective of selling pre-emptive war against Iraq, Iran, Syria, et al. to a gullible Congress and populace?"
* jane has a nice post up about women and fearlessness (slash 'appropriateness') - based on arianna's new book. kathleen reardon writes about this a lot too. every now and again, the issue of maleness in blogtopia rears it's head again - but one thing that i notice is how many female bloggers/journalists i read/quote/prefer, and how so many of the commenters here are women. thnx to you all. you rock :-)

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