Friday, September 08, 2006

nobody trusts anyone about anything anymore

* corn:
"Armitage is coming forward now because the book I co-wrote with Michael Isikoff of Newsweek, HUBRIS: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War, disclosed Armitage's role and quoted named sources at the State Department confirming Armitage's role as the leaker. Armitage says that he kept his silence all these years because special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had asked him not to say anything. But after our book triggered a splash of news reports, Armitage asked Fitzgerald if he could go public, and he obtained Fitzgerald's consent.

Which brings me to a rather simple question: When will Karl Rove do the same?"

* corn:
"(Hubris) shows how (and why) Republican and Democratic leaders of Congress were scared to challenge intelligence briefings they received directly from vice president Dick Cheney on Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction - briefings that these legislators did not find convincing. (Still, they voted to grant Bush the authority to wage war against Iraq.)"

* emptywheel:
"Well, Armitage has finally come foward, and I gotta say, I can't decide whether he is just collosally dumb. Or whether, against all my instincts and better judgments, I'm beginning to believe he just took the fall for BushCo. It's not so much that Armitage claims he didn't realize he might have been a source for Novak. It's that, after reading Novak's clearly bogus October 1 column, he all of a sudden believed he could have been a source for Novak in spite of the fact that (as I've been pointing out) he didn't provide Novak with any of the key information that appeared in Novak's column. Just on Novak's say so, he believed he was the source for information he didn't provide. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want--but Armitage's interview makes me more convinced there are two leakers--and neither of them is named Armitage.
But if Armitage really said nothing more than, "she works at the agency," then Novak's really full of shit."

* josh:
"So al Qaida -- or what's left of it -- releases a five-plus year old tape of bin Laden with two of the 9/11 hijackers as well as Ramzi Binalshibh, one of the baddies just transfered to Gitmo. Right in time for the president's big kangaroo court role out.

If you didn't know that bin Laden and Bush were the two polar opposites in the global battle between good and evil, you'd think the two were coordinating their media blitzes."
nobody trusts anyone about anything anymore.

* corn & isikoff were on diane rehm. Corn:
"Plame was chief of operations of jtfi "for 2 years prior to the invasion""
- i'm not sure how specific he is being with his language - but 2 years would take us back to march01

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