Friday, September 08, 2006

not supported by underlying intelligence

* wow - there is a massive blogospheric (and elsewhere) push to trash ABC for their Path to 911 nonsense. it'll be interesting to see how successful it is. see tpmm for the attempt to pressure scholastic.

* laura:
"Two sections of the Phase II Senate Intel committee report out tomorrow. Statement from vice chairman Sen. Rockefeller: "Ultimately, I think you will find that Administration officials made repeated prewar statements that were not supported by underlying intelligence.""

* LeeB:
"I need some copy/paste help with a major project. It all got started when a group of volunteers began working on a rescue mission that has now evolved in an effort to try to persuade some Senate and House committees to hold hearings (it IS directly war-related, I promise!). If y'all could bear with my 'secrecy' at the moment, it is not that I can't tell you what it's about, it is simply that the instant project should not be waved about online until those directly involved are ready for it to go public.

I'm asking for volunteers who could each take just one committee and using the links I will provide, visit the relevant websites to copy the addresses, phone and fax numbers, etc., of the committee members and email the info back to me so I can get the data base populated and ready to roll by the end of this week."
if you can help, email her at baxtl at hotmail

update - more from LeeB:
"My project is HUGE. We are building a database for quickie letter-writing campaigns to Congress with a special project in the works right now, hence the focus on six specific committees. Email me at baxtl at hotmail dot com when you have a minnit and I'll fill you in on what remains. My plan is to also shoot for getting all of the remaining 535 Congressional seats in this thing so we can hit 'em on any level whenever we damned well feel like it."

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