Friday, September 22, 2006

Pelosi hearts torture.

* digby:
"So the good news is that these fine Republicans were all able to sit in Dick Cheney's Senate office and hash out what "amount of time that a detainee's suffering must last before the treatment amounts to a war crime" in the last three days. We can sleep better tonight knowing that they decided that the suffering must do "serious and non-transitory mental harm, which need not be prolonged." Excellent. And now we know that "cruel or inhuman treatment" that would constitute a crime under the War Crimes Act is comprised of "techniques resulting in 'serious' physical or mental pain, rather than 'severe.'" That's just the kind of "clarity" they've been looking for. On with the interrogations.

Oh and they will leave it up to the president to decide if standing shackled naked in a cold room with ice water splashed randomly on you for 72 hours is torture. Or if being forced to walk around on a leash like a dog or have fake menstrual blood smeared all over your face is degrading. (I wonder what he'll say?)

The best part is that they might let the prisoners see classified evidence used against them that's been redacted or summarized, nobody who was tortured will be able to sue the government or hold anyone in it legally liable and there's a nice fat habeas corpus loophole so these embarrassingly innocent people down in Gitmo will stay under wraps.

It's tough and smart for St John and the Republicans, for sure. For reasonable people, not so much. This is a terrible bill and I don't think the Democrats will get any benefit from backing it."
* pelosi on lehrer:
"REP. NANCY PELOSI: Well, I haven't seen the particulars of it, but the principles that we have heard in the news report sound very much like legislation proposed by the Democrats last week in the House Armed Services Committee, which was an approach that would enable to us get the most reliable intelligence to protect the American people, that will enable us to prosecute those responsible for 9/11, and bring them to justice, and would do so in a manner that was consistent with the Geneva Conventions so as to protect our American soldiers should they come under questioning."
so much for that.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

Is it just me, or has Nancy Pelosi's thinking become a blur? I think she's suffering from the insidious affliction of Congressional seniority.

lukery said...

she's a cretin, feeding off the war machine

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I've been thinking the same thing. If there's anything worse than a war republican, it's a war democrat. But, I say that because I am a democrat. At least they don't go after the bill of rights. Hey Luke, it's interesting to me your "Extraordinary times" entry came on the same day as my "American revolution" entry. No, we really didn't confer about that. Suddenly a great many people are thinking there's a whole lot wrong. What a horror show. We're having a gentle shower. I have the windows open, it's almost 2 a.m. I refuse to feel bad.

lukery said...


I refuse to feel bad.
my - i'm scared outta my mind