Sunday, September 10, 2006

Press For Truth. Free Online.

jennifer nix:

With the help of MediaChannel, we can also offer an alternative to ABC’s Path to Shame on Sunday and Monday nights. Director David Olson tells me they will offer up, for free viewing, the entire film "9/11 Press for Truth," which was just released this week. Without $40 million in corporate backing, this film needs the support of the netroots to help provide a balance to ABC’s airbrushing of history. The filmmakers deserve our support, as they’ve done the hard work of bringing to the screen the voices of the 9/11 families, and synthesized more than 7000 media reports with the help of Paul Thompson, author of The Complete 9/11 Timeline. Let’s do all we can to get the netroots driving traffic to MediaChannel this weekend to watch this movie.

On Monday, in Washington, DC, the "9/11 Press for Truth" filmmakers and the 9/11 families will hold a press conference at the National Press Club, too, launching a campaign calling for a new investigation. Tell the media to go! From the film’s producers:

Polls now show that a majority of Americans support a new investigation. “Once again,” says producer Kyle Hence, “the 9/11 families will play a crucial role in galvanizing the public’s will to confront a combative administration, a pliant Congress and an apathetic media corps that has studiously avoided dealing with countervailing facts, inconvenient evidence and excessive secrecy. The message these families bring must be heard, loud and clear. They deserve answers.”

A lobbying campaign calling for a new investigation will be launched on September 5th, the day of DVD release, and continue into the week of September 11th, during which every member of Congress will receive a copy of the documentary.

Given the damage Thomas Kean has now done to the bi-partisan excuse for an effort that is the 9/11 Commission Report, I agree more than ever before that we need a full and independent investigation into what really happened, so I salute these "Press for Truth" folks’ efforts whole-heartedly.

But let’s not stop at just watching their movie and promoting it to the netroots and media. Just as Scholastic is providing lesson plans, based on "Path to 9/11" to 100,000 teachers around the country, let’s come up with our own campaign to get "Press for Truth" into the schools, too.

Let’s call on National Education Association president Reg Weaver and his 3.2 million members to get the word out to all our public schools. The NEA could provide toolkits online to teachers based on this film, so that kids can compare and contrast ABC’s fraud with real reporting. Perhaps the good folks at Center for Media and Democracy, including Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber, can help to create the lesson plans that the NEA could offer.

And Steve Jobs: Why don’t you stand up and do the right thing here, too? Get your Apple folks to pay these hardworking "Press for Truth" filmmakers some money for the rights to provide free downloads via ipods–and market the hell out of that effort, too, please. Afterall, how much did you pay Disney/ABC for the rights to pawn off "Path to 9/11" to ipod owners?

Folks, we only learned about this whole mess last Friday, and we’ve done a tremendous job organizing and getting the word out to people. I don’t want to see that energy dissipate. Let’s find ways, as we keep the pressure on Disney/ABC, to fight the larger battle of media reform, and to reward filmmakers who are trying so hard to get the truth out.

You with me?

I'm not exactly sure where/how you can watch it yet. Stay Tuned.

update from jen:
"I think MediaChannel folks are still organizing the details for the free viewing of “9/11 Press for the Truth,” on their site, but Dave Olson tells me that it will be available to go head to head with “Path to 9/11.” And, sounds like, Bush himself, now, with the press conference planned. I wonder if he’ll actually say the words: “And now I hope you’ll continue viewing this fine presentation of the 9/11 Commission Report on ABC tonight.” Ick. Anyway, just check over at Mediachannel later today. I’m sure they’ll have details available soon."

meanwhile, there's another (2min) Press for Truth YouTube up: "Kissinger vs 9/11 Families"


damien said...

Nice piece over at WUFYS on where the Osama tapes come from.

....Rimone might be on to something with this drinking-as-a-defence-against-wall-to-wall-bullshit. Path to 911 feels bad all round.

lukery said...

thnx D. there's something spooky about Rita Katz - 60minutes did a piece on her that they had to retract. i dont know all the details

rimone said...

Damien: Rimone might be on to something with this drinking-as-a-defence-against-wall-to-wall-bullshit. Path to 911 feels bad all round.

hah! i recommend it to everyone to ward off stress and all. my well-worn liver disagrees but fuck him/her/it.'

helpful hint: spliffs alone w/o drinking kinda make y'wanna laugh at everything and doubt your own inner convictions. so if y'all smoke, don't forget to drink, lol

damien said...

The quote is should be "wall-to-wall-drinking-as-a-defence-against-bullshit"

lukery said...

perhaps: "gall-to-gall-bullshit-in-deference-to-thinking"

damien said...

hey, that's my tag. Get outta here!

lukery said...

lol - don't be silly. i made it up all by m'self.