Thursday, September 07, 2006

rightwing orgasmic fantasy film: Path to 9/11

kryten42 (US expat in oz) in the comments weighs in on something that i havent touched (cos others are doing it so well - esp. digby, fdl, glenn etc):
"I'm afraid that it get's even worse m8! The American ABC has created what they call a "docudrama" about 9/11. The fact is, it is nothing but a Republican propaganda film!

And it seems this is not just a US problem. This docudrama (Republican propaganda program) is going to be aired globally! This is how it's being promoted in Australia:
"The Path to 9/11 – For the first time... the story of exactly what happened..." and "… Official true story…"!!

It will be shown on the free-to-air Channel 7 in Australia. Here is a Flash video of the promo: FEATURED: The Path to 9/11

It also seems that Scholastic is behind this also. Scholastic have developed a Social Studies Teachers study guide for grades 9 to 12, that will be used in classrooms throughout the USA to help promote this Republican propaganda garbage!
9/11 Discussion Guide for ABC Miniseries

I have an extensive, ongoing blog about all this here (with all credits where due):
The truth about the (rightwing orgasmic fantasy film) Path to 9/11

So, essentially, the Republicans are trying to convince the entire World that 9/11 was all Clinton's fault, and Bush did everything he could and is a great guy. Yeah.

This is a Global problem now! The more that learn the truth, the better.

I'm going to eMail Channel 7 and the Ombudsman, and LIberal (like that will do any good!!) and Labour members. I'd ask all Aussies to do the same."
apparently there's a lot of international media interest in 911pressfortruth - let's hope there's some US corpmedia interest, or at least there's some blowback from the int'l media.

go check out Kryten's stuff.


Kryten42 said...

Why, thank you very much kind sir! :D

I've been busy updating my blog about all this. :) Looks like Scholatic has changed it's ming about supporting this crap in schools.

I've been reading you other blogs here (I really did miss you blog while I was sick!)

I think Bush really wants to invade Iran. I have blogged about this also... This would be the biggest mistake the USA could ever make! Americans don't seem to realise that they were suckered into Iraq by Iran. Iran now has over 150,000 American hostages. My latest blog about this is here:
Who will you blame?

Also, yeah... The Valerie Plame-Wilson scandal is hotting up! Larry Johnson @ NO QUARTER is all over this of course! :D He was friends with Valerie in the CIA.

Again, thanks for the blog and kudo's m8! :) I truly hope you and your family are well, and wish you all the best!

Oh... hey! Where are those great photo's you used to take! :D Need more of them. :)


lukery said...

i'm scared outta my mind about the iran war.

i've been meaning to post more pics - i oughtta do that right?

Kryten42 said...

Yeah! The pic's are great! :D I still remember that cheeky little chick you posted! (I guess I'm an old softie under this gruff exterior!) ;) Don't tell anyone. LOL

Iran is bad news. Very. And you just know Little Jonnie will do whatever his Master Bush commands. However... There is a bright spot! :) Looks like Blair's Parliament is in meltdown! 7 or 8 members have resigned! They are going crazy over there! Blair is finished, and if the Labor Party survives, and manages to hold onto power, they will not support Bush. The Ministers are calling for a 'clean break' from the USA, including withdrawing any remaining troops. :)

The All Spin Zone had a good blog about the Bush Admin here:

So… We just have to take care of Johnie! And Bush has nowhere to go! :)

You just never know m8! We just have to keep fighting. I think the blogers can be proud of what we have achieved so far! :)

Cheers! And yeah... need some pic's! ;) :D (Though, I'll settle for more of your good blogs too!) :)

Uranus said...

The Path to 9/11 story is an online blockbuster. There are many predictions about whether or not ABC will go ahead and air it, and what will happen if they do. Fortune telling is risky business. The bad guys have come out from hiding, and this demonstrates they plan to pull every dirty trick imagineable to keep fascism on the march. I'd wouldn't have thought Disney would be a part of that in a million years. These are dark times which foretell evil beyond comprehension.

lukery said...

thnx kryten. johnnie H is a hack. shame on him.

you are right about the blogosphere - it feels like we are actually achieving something these days.

uranus - you are right about the blockbuster. i kinda missed it cos i was away - but now it seems that eeveryone is gunning for the piece to be pulled - which would be a MASSIVE accomplishment