Thursday, September 28, 2006

shit fight.

* via digby:
"Rear Admiral Harris (commander of Guantanamo) is adamant that the people in his care are well looked after and are enemies of the United States.

He told me they use any weapon they can - including their own urine and faeces - to continue to wage war on the United States."
shit fight.

* read Digby's 'Faithbased Torture'

* christy has a good post explaining Libby's greymail option:
" To be completely honest, though, this is make or break for both sides of the case: Fitzgerald wins out on his arguments, Libby is more likely to cut a deal, if at all; Libby wins out on his arguments, Fitzgerald is then under pressure to dismiss to ensure the safety of state secrets over conviction for Libby.

What is most likely to happen is that the Judge rules somewhere in the middle, neither side is happy, but the case goes forward nonetheless. "
* kath harris has outsourced her sockpuppetry to india. i guess that demonstrates that people are more cost-conscious when dealing with their own money.

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