Saturday, September 09, 2006

shoot a dove on sep11

as far as i can tell, this via chris flloyd (via rimone), isnt satire. shoot a dove on sep11 to help elect a republican. (click for larger pic)


Uranus said...

I could make myself unpopular by commenting about this. I think there is a little confusion about hunting, guns and shooting and the dialogue on the right and left.

Shooting cage birds like this and what C.M.F.* Cheney does is a cowardly and reprehensible thing. It's far worse than hunting birds in the wild, which is an unnecessary anachronism. Making a party out of shooting cage birds is twisted and profane. If these people are such master marksmen, let's see them score well shooting skeet, which is far more challenging than broadsiding a massive flock release of cage birds where you can't help but hit something.

Furthermore, I'm sick and tired of the right having the exclusive franchise on shooting while some people on the left think they can enter magic happy land where they've ridded themselves of all guns forever, like these hapless idiots so shamelessly and often promoted by Buzzflash. These two groups are ever-so-pleased with their extremist viewpoints, each figuring their philosophy represents the one real truth.

I was raised with a different but equally extremist viewpoint: keep your head screwed on. You live in a world full of guns. Guns can be terribly dangerous in the hands of a fool. It is best to be thoroughly aware of gun safety and a master marksman, and that requires training which begins at a very young age.

I consider myself an extreme liberal--if those labels apply anymore--but I stay in practice with guns. I understand why, now that I'm over 50 and Bush is president. It could well become necessary for the ordinary individual in America to be able to outshoot a special forces soldier.

The chance of it is miniscule, but it's not for lack of wanting and trying on Bush and C.M.F.* Cheney's parts. And when communist/republican candidates use cage-bird shoots as fundraisers, it makes sense to polish your sharpshooting skills. Democrats could organize fundraisers using pictures of prominent neocons with superimposed bullseyes as targets.
*Cowboy Mother Fucker

rimone said...

Uranus: Shooting cage birds like this and what C.M.F.* Cheney does is a cowardly and reprehensible thing. It's far worse than hunting birds in the wild, which is an unnecessary anachronism. Making a party out of shooting cage birds is twisted and profane.

you know and we know but the rethugs among us think this is more proof of how masculine and manly and just goddamn testosterone-fuelled they are, which of course makes them better to lead US than those hippie freak Dems and liberals.

my ex, a self-described 'long-haired headbanger redneck geek from the sticks' was raised w/guns (but never hunted to kill, just target practise, unlike the rest of his family). when he moved from Illinois to NYC and happened to mention this at some party, the chicks like all went ''ve shot guns?' and moved away from him.

the ignorance is appalling.

Uranus said...

There's so much mysticism surrounding guns. I'm always surprised to run into an adult who's never even seen a real gun. I sold mine a few years ago and didn't have any for awhile, but I've purchased a couple lately just because of the state of things, and I told the salesman it gave me the same thrill I'd get if I were buying a vacuum cleaner.

I also like the symbolism of shooting doves, which reminds me of the systemic hatred of right radicals for war opposers. Those same people sure don't think they should meet with an unnatural death. It begs the question, if unnatural death is so great, why wouldn't they want it for themselves?

lukery said...

actually - my dad used to take us camping when we were kids - away in the desert for a coupla months every year. we used to shoot stuff for dinner. i wouldnt know how to shoot one now - but i dont have any ideological aversion to using them for that purpose. i also grew up on a farm - so there was a direct connection between killing and eating stuff.

Uranus said...

Luke, so many of my neighbors hunt deer and have them butchered and packaged for the deep freeze, and it's a big portion of their family's diet. So, hunting is still a legitimate thing in much of the world. But when I see "sportsman" programs on TV where guys are hunting buffalo with a bow, I have to wonder if it's relevant. In the case of a global economic collapse, hunting and fishing could become very important again. The kid living behind me saw I have a bb gun and asked me to take him squirrel hunting. If this situation progresses, I plan to teach him marksmanship, not indiscriminate killing. In the case of Karen Floyd's fundraiser, the indifference-to-life aspect of it is repulsive and horrifying.

I saw part of Dennis Miller's comedy special on HBO this morning. His support for war, killing and all things Bush, to the enthusiastic applause of the kick-ass crowd, made we want to transcribe the whole thing and angrily dispute it in public. He hypothesizes that Hillary Clinton isn't smart enough to be president. She's far from my first choice, but give it a rest, Dennis. No Bush apologist/defender is in the position of suggesting anyone isn't smart enough to be president. I have an old General Electric toaster which would make a better president than George Bush.

Suppose democrats make a clean sweep in the next election of two, but can't be seated in office. What then? That's a genuine possibility. Maybe the new national pasttime will become hunting politicians.

lukery said...

"Maybe the new national pasttime will become hunting politicians."
hence the 2nd amendment