Tuesday, September 26, 2006


* ignatious:
"The most telling moment in a conversation here last week with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came when he was asked if America would attack Iran. He quickly answered "no," with a slight cock of his head as if he regarded the very idea of war between the two countries as preposterous."
* atrios (for LeeB):
"Shrill Nation
As the Editors state, only shrillness can save America now.
So support shrill candidates.
Support shrill authors.
Support shrill musicians.
Support shrill organizations.
And then go forth and be shrill."
* newsweek apparently changed their cover in the US - from "Losing Afghanistan" to something else.

* i'm sure everyone is eagerly awaiting my read of WaPo's A1 piece on anthrax:
"Five years after the anthrax attacks that killed five people, the FBI is now convinced that the lethal powder sent to the Senate was far less sophisticated than originally believed, widening the pool of possible suspects in a frustratingly slow investigation.

The finding, which resulted from countless scientific tests at numerous laboratories, appears to undermine the widely held belief that the attack was carried out by a government scientist or someone with access to a U.S. biodefense lab."
Funny. I'm busy working on some related issues - so you can start with Booman instead - and I'm sure there are many others. Interesting questions: why now, why A1? Part of the answer to the 'why now?' question may relate to the $50million lawsuit by the widow of one of the victims, but WaPo doesn't even mention it.

When you are over at Booman's, don't miss Ron's comment about the poor/dodgy sourcing.

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