Tuesday, September 26, 2006

slimy, foul-smelling rat bastards

i still haven't read this post by uranus about JFK - but here's starroute's comment:
Actually, the GOP *needed* to impeach Clinton to have one to balance against the impeachment of Nixon. Assassination would just have made him a national icon like Kennedy.

While I don't think the GOP payback theory explains the assassinations, it does explain a lot of what the Republicans have been up to -- including the canonization of Saint Ronnie. The Democrats by and large produce presidents who are beloved, do good works after leaving office, and where the worst you can say about them is that some of them are oversexed. The Republicans tend to produce presidents who are reviled, spend their post-presidential years playing golf and chasing money, and who no woman would look at twice.

The Republicans, not being able to understand that there's an actual difference in personality between them and the Democrats, seem to think it's all a matter of PR and that if they can just smear enough Democrats and overinflate enough Republicans, they'll get back to parity. It's a lot like them calling the Democratic Party the "Democrat Party" -- not merely a cheap shot, but a Freudian response to their subliminal awareness that the Democrats are the party of the people and they aren't.

Democrats, being the generous, big-hearted people they mostly are, tend not to notice that the Republicans have a bad self-image problem, thinking of themselves as a pack of slimy, foul-smelling rat bastards who cower in dark corners and launch stealth attacks against the higher values of the nation. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to correct this, short of them turning into genuine human beings -- which is the one thing they seem determined not to do. It's a conundrum.
starroute speak, you listen. starroute angry, you hide.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

I didn't intend to portray myself as a wild-eyed nut. I said what I thought, hoping to stir up conversation and loosen people's thinking--and to bear witness to what I saw in the 1960s. Our governors and legislators were nothing but democrats until Kennedy's and Johnson's victories. Then something funny happened. The local republicans began thinking they couldn't bear to lose, ever again, and that idea morphed into a radical rationale which has come to include sacred purpose and ends-justify-means. Since then we've had almost nothing but republicans. Our present governor is a democrat, but there isn't much difference. This state hasn't seen much progress in 40 years.

Another thing I thought about is how much things have changed with how national tragedies are handled. If Lincoln were assassinated today, guys in suits would swear everyone in the theater to secrecy, burn down the theater, blame it on a foreign enemy and start a war. Back then, everyone knew who did it and why, and the perpetrators met swift justice. Story over. Nothing about the Kennedys, Iran-Contra, 9/11 or Osama would surprise me. But holding back information lets loathsome people make their own excuses for doing loathsome things, and they don't care that people know they're self-serving liars.

lukery said...

I didn't intend to portray myself as a wild-eyed nut.

the facts seen to paint all of us as wild-eyed nuts. stubborn things, those facts.

rimone said...

those facts are all liberally-biased.

once more w/feeling: say it loud--i'm shrill and i'm proud.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

It used to be fashionable to be politically objective; then, the Cons commanded us to bow to communism. I was never a slave to fashion, and am a model of slant and prejudice.