Thursday, September 21, 2006

"War on Terror.": what's really going on?

* a review of PressForTruth:
"...Even more alarmingly, the Afghanistan part of the documentary focuses on documented facts that refute President Bush's televised oath to capture Bin Laden, crush Al Qaeda and to deal equally harshly with any government that harbored them. Apparently trapped in Afghanistan, with full aerial surveillance covering any conventional escape route, Bin Laden was allowed to cross the country in a thousand-vehicle convoy, and then fly to Pakistan. His routes in both cases were (so the docu implies) purposely left unguarded. The docu also offers proof that money for the 9/11 terrorists came from within the Pakistani secret police. The implication -- or conclusion -- is that Pakistan harbors Al Caida and Bin Laden. The U.S. instead decided to attack Iraq. It doesn't add up.

It's easy to fly off into conspiratorial avenues of thought, and perhaps harder to consider the idea that the careful culling of ten thousand pieces of information can easily be made to yield conflicting data. Connecting the dots can produce different pictures, depending on who is choosing the dots. In this case, the sources cited and the facts established are more than credible. 1

9/11 Press for Truth leads us to some pretty grim ideas about what is really going on in the so-called "War on Terror." We listen to key administration officials ignoring fair questions with evasions, condescending non-answers and repeated fairy-tales about Terrorism and The Enemies of Freedom, and we don't know what to think. Are we being protected from a Truth we cannot handle? Or has a power elite simply hijacked the nation?

The most disturbing thing is that just asking questions is now considered suspicious activity. We've reached the stage where any dissent, questioning of authority or petitioning for answers is treated with ridicule and contempt, as with the "Jersey Girls" of the Family Steering Committee. How dare they expect their government to be accountable!

9/11 Press for Truth is not a shock-doc or a flamboyant Michael Moore type of show. We see the President receiving the news of the attacks, and there are no snide comments about what children's book he is reading. When President Bush fumbles tongue-twisted through simple public statements, he now looks as though he's struggling to avoid talking off the top of his head, to avoid saying anything "off the script." 9/11 Press for Truth doesn't rely on ironic "zingers" to keep up interest. It goes from fact to fact and reminds us that they're all from the public record. It shows very convincingly that we're being routinely lied to on the details, and allows us to decide for ourselves what the truth of the big picture might be. More of these responsible documentaries are being produced and shown. This is one of the most thought provoking I've seen."


Anonymous said...

They could have hit him with a predator drone... or cruise missile or whatever like they eventually did to Zarqawi after he had served his purpose. But they didn't. Sort of like when Able Danger watched Atta but they never stopped him.

Figure it out...

IMHO They're being used as agent provacatuers to drag the west into endless war and make the U.S. more authoritarian.

lukery said...

anon. we've already figured.

make sure you catch the film

or you can buy it at amazon etc