Saturday, September 16, 2006

Who is Kaiser Soza?

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oldschool said...

Oh for heaven's sake, wasn't that movie w/in the all-time top-five best?

Ok, from a purely testosterone-driven point of view, whhat are the top five films ever?

1. Braveheart.
2. Pulp Fiction.
3. Casablanca (because a man must be a man ,and needs a that).
4. Kill Bill, both 1 & 2.

5. Fill in the blank...._____________

(Hint - Raging Bull - Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, Apocolypse Now, JFK, Field of Dreams, Caddyshack I), the field is wide open - mostly to the readers of this-here Luke-spot who tend to be a bit profane, but not without reason, and most interestingly, are largely female,....

So - tear me up - wtf - your choice of films is at least a little indicative - let 'er fly (I already hate my #4)

damien said...

I didn't watch Kill Bill (too much violence). Here are some of the ones I liked -

Wages of Fear
The French Connection
Richard III
Jackie Brown
Leaving Las Vegas
The Pink Panther
LA Confidential

Superteemu said...

I prefer any film with Audrey Hepburn to the following, but here goes:

1. Apocalypse. Now.; I'm ready to tear my clothes off, run to forest and hunt and eat raw meat after this.

2. Once upon a time in the West; rugged men, no talking, Charles Bronson.

3. Fistful of dollars / Dirty Harry; for Clint Eastwood

4. First Blood ("Rambo I"); there must be at least one Stallone / Swartzch..Arnold movie on list like this.

5. The one with Lee Marvin and Shaft (Roundtree), and George Kennedy as an aging boxing coach. Yes, I made this one up.

lukery said...

me, i like
1. pretty woman
2. the bette midler movie about Wings or something
3. sleepless in seattle
4. that one with that girl and that other girl - you know the one i mean. the one with that guy - whatsisname?
5. that one with whitney houston and kevin costner

oh - can i have 6???? pretty please? ok, flashdance.

(bonus points if you can pick the reference in #4)

Kathleen said...

I can't vote because I skip all those testosterone driven ones. I get enough of that in real life, so I tend to seek out comedy over anything else.

I will say Wages of Fear was pretty intense, nerves of steeel, manly-man stuff. Great thriller.

Foreign and art films are my fave. I like human drama, foreign settings, great sets and hisotircally correct costumes and as little blood as possible.

Riffifi was a pretty intense and well done French thriller, but I enjoyed the Italian spoof of it, Big Deal on Madonna Street better.

It's difficult to choose between Alec Guiness comedy and Fellini's.

Guilietta of the Spirits, Night of the Shooting Stars, In the Gardens of the Fintzi Contini, where would one begin? Rosselini, Ingmar Bergman, Cocteau?

Johnny Stecchino is the first of Roberto Bennino's pictures. It's histerically funny.

I suppose for female friendly testosterone, I like Gerrard Depardieu's Count of Monte Crisco. Hunky.

LeeB said...

. . . I need to get out more . . .

rimone said...

do NOT get me started on films, lol, i'd never shut up.

luke, if those are /really/ your faves and you're not bullshitting...well, it wouldn't be polite to say what i'm thinking and you know me, ALWAYS polite. :-)

LeeB: amazon and netflix do rentals w/o late fees.

i CANNOT believe nobody mentioned The Big Lebowski or Natural Born Killers or my current fave, V for Vendetta (still not given back to amazon for over a month).

personally, i happen to dig morally depraved flicks where the criminals get away w/whatever but hey (e.g., 'Leon' w/Natalie Portman). i have hundreds of fave films, three being Citizen KAne, Fallen, The Usual Suspects &c &c &c.

if i keep going on, i'll never stop. haven't even checked my tapes yet.

ps: /i/ am Kaiser Soza. nyah. :-)

ps, 'Devil's Advocate' (Al Pacino's the devil), 12 Monkeys (funny as fuck and i can't stand Brad Pitt), the 5th Element, Pi, Memento, Dark City, The People vs Larry Flynt, Quest for Fire and on and on and on... gah.

lukery said...

jeebus. apparently ironing nearly, really is dead. I was starting to get the cold sweats thinking that people actually thought i was being serious.

#4 = Clerks reference

rimone said...

Kathleen: t's difficult to choose between Alec Guiness comedy and Fellini's.

Guilietta of the Spirits, Night of the Shooting Stars, In the Gardens of the Fintzi Contini, where would one begin? Rosselini, Ingmar Bergman, Cocteau?

i love all the above and yeah, it's difficult to choose between Alec G and Fellini.

i brought shitloads of classic foreign films (some of which you mentioned) that i taped sans adverts off my old local NYC PBS station.

about Kill Bill, i found the first one boring as hell and i totally love Uma T and Quentin T.

superteemu: if those are really your faves, i'll still meetcha in London if you like, but let's not talk films, mmmmkay? oh, apart from Apocalypse Now. :-)

lukery said...

to be fair to teemu - oldschool asked for testosterone

rimone said...

re: to be fair to teemu - oldschool asked for testosterone

hah! and i thought oldschool's from a purely testosterone-driven point of view meant he was male and such, one should view his faves like that or something.

i HATE most of 'those kind' of films, like those of steven seagall and arnold, they totally piss me off. i did like Terminators 1 and 2 though, way back when.

lukery said...

hmmm - well - that was just my interpretation of oldschool - mebbe i was wrong - altho it does put my 'fave five' in some kinda perspective ;-)

rimone said...

yeah, the perspective of the typical consumerist idiot who gushes over celebs and neither knows nor cares about what's going on in any government.