Friday, October 06, 2006

Alas, America is not such a country

* deliso:
"In the big picture, what is acceptable and relevant in American politics has for over five years been conditioned by one thing, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The ramifications of why the attacks were allowed to occur and what the response to them implied are so weighty and portentous that everyone – whether they were involved or not – seems terrified about what they might find were they to try to get real answers. Yet if such a thing had happened in any normal country, even on a symbolic level and if only to assure the public that the leadership felt some sense of responsibility and remorse, a total purge would have been carried out immediately. Alas, America is not such a country.
The worst thing about all this is that when comes another terrorist attack on the U.S. or its assets abroad, the corrupt and incompetent political representatives from both parties are sure to just swap accusations about who could have saved the day. But no matter what they decide, they will both agree that it is crucial to keep up the war. After all, they both feed from the same trough, the one kept filled with slop by the lobbyists for the all-powerful interests of the military-industrial-oil-technology complex. They're in it together, party differences be damned.

There is simply no other way to explain how no one from the Clinton or Bush administrations has ever been indicted for truly important things, things like importing and arming mujahedeen in Bosnia, or allowing massive ethnic cleansing of Christians in Kosovo. Things like being complacent in the face of the al-Qaeda threat, or letting bin Laden himself escape at Tora Bora in November 2001. Or attempting to stop any investigations into 9/11 (remember that if the president had had his way, there would not even be a 9/11 Commission report today). Or brazenly fabricating intelligence and lying to the world about basically everything. Or shutting down patriotic whistleblowers such as Sibel Edmonds, who has simply tried to make America a better and safer place and bring the official corruption – and yes, even ties with foreign terrorists – to light."
* Deliso also links to Mike Mejia's great article about why Hastert really ought be arrested.

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