Friday, October 13, 2006

an alternative to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobby (AIPAC)

* TNR:
"Yesterday, a source close to Foley explained to THE NEW REPUBLIC that in early 2006 the congressman had all but decided to retire from the House and set up shop on K Street. "Mark's a friend of mine," says this source. "He told me, 'I'm thinking about getting out of it and becoming a lobbyist.'"

But when Foley's friend saw the Congressman again this spring, something had changed. To the source's surprise, Foley told him he would indeed be standing for re-election. What happened? Karl Rove intervened.

According to the source, Foley said he was being pressured by "the White House and Rove gang," who insisted that Foley run. If he didn't, Foley was told, it might impact his lobbying career."

* amy:
"Report: Israel Used Dangerous Experimental Weapon in Gaza Attacks
Meanwhile, the Israeli military is facing accusations its used an experimental weapon during recent attacks on Palestinians in Gaza. The Italian television station RAI reports the weapons have led to abnormally serious physical injuries, including amputated limbs and severe burns. The report was produced by the same journalists that exposed the US used phosphorous as an offensive weapon during attacks on Fallujah. The weapon is believed to be similar to the US-made Dense Inert Metal Explosive, or DIME. In addition to inflicting major shrapnel wounds, the weapon is believed to be highly carcinogenic and harmful to the environment."
* glenn:
"Pursuing the first treason prosecution against an American citizen in more than half a century is a very serious step with potentially significant consequences on numerous fronts. Consequently, it ought to be justified by some compelling reasons. There don't seem to be any compelling reasons here, but there do seem to be -- as always -- some clear signs of exploitation and mischief. This administration demonstrates, yet again, that there is no American tradition or custom that they are unwilling to ignore and violate if doing so provides even the smallest political advantage or otherwise enhances their power."
* via talkleft:
" A majority of Democrats (54%) say that press coverage of the Bush administration has not been critical enough; that represents a sizable increase from May 2004 (39%)."

* haaretz:
"Dovish pro-Israel members of the American Jewish community are planning to set up an alternative to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobby (AIPAC), the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) reported yesterday.

Among the figures behind the initiative is billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who has not been involved with Israeli issues until now; philanthropists Edgar and Charles Bronfman and Mel Levine, a former Democratic congressman and high-powered West Coast lawyer."
* tpmm:
"At least three people will tell the House ethics committee that Speaker Hastert knew about Mark Foley's problem with House pages before it became public ten days ago. That testimony contradicts Hastert's public stance so far: that he learned about it from ABC News.
Although Hastert hasn't publicly said that he thinks Boehner and Reynolds are lying, he's apparently saying that privately. The AP reported yesterday that Hastert has been telling friends in no uncertain terms that Boehner and Reynolds were full of it:"

* lgf:
"A question for Condoleezza Rice: on what basis do Palestinians “deserve” a better life, and why is it our responsibility to give it to them? They voted en masse for a radical Islamic terrorist group with an open policy of genocide. They have turned their back on every offer of statehood, chosen a path of violence and murder, and built a death cult society that instills hatred in children from their first moments of life.

And they danced in joy on September 11.

This is nothing but pandering to the victimhood propaganda of an enemy of America, and once again Condi Rice has succeeded in making my stomach turn"
* corn:
"In September George W. Bush brought Karzai and Musharraf to Washington for a dinner together. With the two bickering in dueling CNN interviews over the Taliban matter, Bush remarked, "It will be interesting for me to watch the body language of these two leaders to determine how tense things are." (Referring to that comment, Armitage exclaims, "I didn't believe it. This is not a high school football game.")"

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