Thursday, October 19, 2006

apparently this pic will be all over the toobz tomorrow.


rimone said...

On Tuesday, Richman said that would only say that the priest who allegedly abused Foley is still alive and that the statute of limitations for criminal charges against the man has expired.

yeah, i was waiting for that. but wouldn't it be great if this fucker's name was leaked and others whom he'd abused immediately stepped up and accused him?

hah! in a normal world w/journos and/or gov't ethics or whatever, we'd already be at the bottom of this shit. i'm so not holding my breath here.

lukery said...

but you look cute in blue!

rimone said...

yes...yes i do. i'm actually wearing the only blue thing i own right now: a real 'NY's finest' NYPD sweatshirt, got it as a goof gift from my sister years ago.

hey, didja see the photo of my little sister?