Tuesday, October 24, 2006

behold the trollery

i know y' all love me cos i post fun and interesting stuff - but i'm gonna have to draw your attention to the shit-storm that is sucking up my attention - my latest posts on sibel and hastert and all that jazz are sucking up my attention, a lot - a lot of my attention, and apparently a lot of the attention of hastert's finance committee and the NRCC.

behold the trollery



rimone said...

i know y' all love me cos i post fun and interesting stuff

WRONG. i love you cause you're cute.

ps, congrats on the shitstorm, i love it; keep up the fabaroo work. :-)

profmarcus said...

let it ride, lukery... you did a good job... you got info out there... let the masses nibble away at it and let their nattering roll off your back like water off a duck... the egos on kos will have their say, make their pronouncements, render their verdicts, and ultimately decide what fits and does not fit their view of THE WAY THINGS ARE... so...? let 'em...

i do not do 1/10th the original investigative work you do, so, whether you're spot on or whether you're not, my hat is off to you... however, do not, i repeat, DO NOT allow yourself to be sucked in to defending yourself... be open to new information, if any is forthcoming, but, like i said up front, let it ride...

Anonymous said...

It's a great place to post because it get's such a wide readership...just keep that in mind.

But I've lost my patience with many commenters over there a long time ago. I can not count the number of groundbreaking stories I have seen trolled or banned for that matter. Dkos is not a friendly place to break news stories, only regurgitated MSM commentary allowed ; )

Just keep at it because vote fraud used to be tinfoil over there but now those diaries get recommended.

-Jiminy Cricket

Kathleen said...

I'm not a 'kossack' either and only go there when you post.

Somehow, its just too fluffly over there for me. I saw Kos dissing Maureen Dowd after their big "Yearly Kos" so, you're in good company. I didn't like the vibe, too smug.

The more trolls you have, the more truth they are freaking out about.

I have one question. If Sibel had no evidence, why the need for a gag? Surely it would be better for all those innocents to have the false charges aired, right?

I thought you were promoting Sibel's cause, not your own.

Just be glad WakeUp is not over there on your tail.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Everything they said. ^ I couldn't help but put in my two cents over there. Some people don't get it, and that site is real heavy for trolls. I find the volume daunting and usually don't read it much anymore unless linked to a subject in which I'm interested.

Anonymous said...

"The more trolls you have, the more truth they are freaking out about."

I used to participate on Dkos way too much responding to people like that. Dkos is like blog-crack (i mean that in both a good and bad way).

One time, a commenter at Dkos said (pretty vehemently) I "was the worst one there" and soon after lost my TU status although I posted a lot and was recommended. At first, it unnerved me because I only commented in diarys (didn't write any) and didn't think I had anything particularly earth-shattering to say to warrent that reaction.

After that, I stopped spending (wasting?) so much time posting comments there and instead got involved volunteering in my local congressional campaigns.

So my gripes about lemming-like behaviour aside, Dkos was my gateway drug to getting active in politics.

- Jiminy Cricket


Anonymous said...

"I thought you were promoting Sibel's cause, not your own."

Yeah, I thought that was a pretty lame personal attack as well. How many other bloggers who post there and have their own blogs and "promote" it by providing a link? Too many to count.

- Jiminy Cricket

Superteemu said...

Wow. That was my first time on Daily Kos, and it was... well, I don't have my english dictionary at hand, so let's just say that it wasn't exactly like a Zen garden of blog threads. What a crowd.

Don't lose your cool, stay on the topic and get some sleep when you need.

Anonymous said...

Recommended Diary at Daily Kos trashing your diary and others - Gullible Kossacks make asses of themselves.

lukery said...

thanks for your support everyone.

and apologies for the light posting.

wowsers - that sure was a remarkable event over at dkos.

i was bad and called people trolls - because i literally thought that Hasterts B-team had been called in to shut down the story.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Luke, please accept an apology for the abysmal display of bad manners and poor judgment demonstrated "over there" today, since you certainly won't get it from any of them. Arrogance and one-upmanship are not substitutes for civility, no matter how ingenuous or tactless. I posted a diary once, and I won't do it again. I have more to do than face off with people who'd argue with a brick wall.

Sibel works her fingers to the bone getting out her message, and helping is commendable. That it isn't AP front page banner fare on a daily basis doesn't mean it isn't important, or that it's untrue. She challenged a totalitarian regime and got punched in the head. The administration wants her to go away; a complicit media abstains. Sibel against the world--you understand that.

Those readers don't, and that site has morphed into a beast with a mind of its own, where individuals lose their distinctiveness and never consider they're taking someone else's word for every bit of news they consume. It could all be factually inaccurate and they wouldn't know. The only thing that matters is a devoted, full-time occupation as a site participant. This offensive braggadocia offers nothing to the search for facts, and the suggestion your prominence in their community is lacking is a splendid compliment, attesting to your good judgment. Topping it off is the site owner's comment, which betrays his purported mission.

So here's the pat on the back you won't get, the apology you deserve but which never comes.

I'm a world class expert on this subject, and can happily fountain volumes of philosophy with little provocation.

calipendence said...

DKOS is sad the way they can't understand that the system is working against the truthtellers out there and they're expecting perfection when those coming to inform us like Sibel can't have that perfection. The system is rigged by design or else she wouldn't be a "whistleblower".

And by the way! The woman in "Une Femme à Abattre" actually DID go to the Supreme Court last year! Sad commentary though on who they actually chose "to provide justice for"!

viget said...


I don't know what to say. To have kos almost equate your work with tinfoily diaries, I guess that was a shock to me.

As was the appearance of the usual Conspiracy-theory debunking crowd. Of the luminaries, I at least thought MB was civil and willing to engage in discussion, but I'm getting increasingly turned off by smarmy dismissals from others.

Just out of curiosity, do you have any evidence that Hastert minions or the NRCC was posting in that diary, or do you just suspect it?

But anyway, that's pretty standard for any kind of diary that challenges the acceptable status quo. Unfortunately, they become self-fulfilling prophecies as you'll never get the "extraordinary evidence" such people need to see. At least not until Sibel's gag is lifted.

lukery said...

thanks uranus. actually - i do owe some of them an apology. it was wrong for me to call them all trolls - although when they arrived en masses, it felt like they were paid operatives - with many ridiculous claims - and then there's the post that anon points to which is simply wrong.

viget - no - i don't have any evidence that they came from the nrcc/hfcc - that was just a throwaway comment.

perhaps the diary wasn't very well written - as i said, i kinda rushed it out - but for them to jump all over me for saying 'here's what we know' was just ridiculous - and they all made the same point, as though that was their marching orders.

also - it was the middle of the night here - and i'd been up since 4am - and was trying to deal with the deluge of comments. i probably should have gone to bed and left it to others.

the key part of that diary, which got missed amongst the noise, is that Sibel has 2 people ready to come forward to validate the story, on the record, if a proper reporter gives them a call.

lukery said...

thanks profmarcus - yeah, that's one good thing - we got the story in front of a stack of people this week.

i have no idea what the pageview to comment ratio is over there - but with 200 comments & 200-ish recommends, i'd guess somewhere in the order of 10,000 people saw the story, and my previous diary there got about 50 recs, and the two stories were both the top posts at DU - plus 20,000 to my site - so i'm guessing that 100,000 people saw the story this past week. that's not nothing.

re whether the story is true or not, i can tell you that it's basically Sibel's story. She read it and didn't point out any flaws.

and you are right - i should have backed off trying to defend myself and making an idiot of myself. thanks for the advice.