Friday, October 20, 2006

Bilbray about to be indicted for election fraud?

* DU:
"(Bilbray) must be soiling his pants today after reading the recent poll that Busby picked up 11% on Bilbray on the past MONTH and is now in a dead heat with him. No wonder he's in denial publicly, and no wonder he's refused or ignored all 7 invitations to debate Francine in public, on radio or TV."
go francine. the post also says that Bilbray is about to be indicted for election fraud.

* via rimone, youtube: "Reservoir Dogs in 30 seconds re-enacted by bunnies"

* via kathleen, a villagevoice article on how the planespotters discovered Air Torture. relatedly, from demnow: "British journalist Stephen Grey helped expose the Bush administration’s secret CIA rendition flights. He joins us to talk about his new book, “Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program.”"

* arianna:
"When I first saw the hard-hitting documentary (iraq4sale), I suggested that "Democrats looking for another way to nationalize the midterm elections need look no further than their movie multiplexes and DVD players" because the film's "measured tone -- in conjunction with the corruption, cronyism, and cynicism it shines a spotlight on -- make it a perfect tool for Democrats looking to turn the tide in Red states. No one likes a war profiteer."

A growing number of Democratic leaders have had the same reaction and are using the film to call attention to the GOP's failure to rein in the contractor abuse and fraud that have been the hallmark of the Iraq war privatization fiasco. It's also allowed them to go on the offensive and reframe the national security debate -- showing how the Republicans sacrificed the well-being of our troops and the Iraqi people on the altar of rewarding their corporate backers.
In my mind, I can't help but picture these newly emboldened Dems and their grassroots counterparts as campaign ninjas, but instead of throwing deadly pointed stars, they are flinging Iraq for Sale DVDs -- carving up the idea that the GOP is more patriotic, more concerned about America's soldiers, and more able to keep us safe.

With thousands more screenings scheduled in the 20 days before the election, Iraq for Sale could prove to be the DVD that leaves the GOP RIP."
if only Kill The Messenger could have been the same. oh well. perhaps we'll be able to use it to demand investigations in the summer. Let's hope that the dems aren't afraid of exposing the enemies within their own party. i'm not entirely confident.

* kleiman:
"In Vietnam, we had an enemy: the VC and the NVA. In Iraq, we face a condition: sectarian violence, and a government without the political capacity, even if it had the operational capacity, to end it.

There's no way to defeat a condition."

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

Kleiman has a point, one which was painfully obvious to me before we went to Iraq and Afghanistan. Those people need peace and prosperity (like I said above), and you don't achieve those goals with battalions in the field. All you're certain to achieve is killing, and like I've said over and over, that's the real motive of these crime-against-humanity wars.