Wednesday, October 04, 2006

calling all Jersey Girls

* shep smith smacked down bill kristol (youtube)

* CNNI: 'Foley comes clean about his sexuality' - geddit? heh heh. i bet the writers were proud of that one.

* Corn:
"Woodward's book has little in it about the Plame affair--just a few short mentions. That was his choice. But he does provide an interesting nugget related to the case. He reports that after 2005, Cheney no longer had a visible role in the management of Iraq. Once Scooter Libby was indicted in the leak case in October 2005 and resigned, Woodward writes,
Cheney was lost without Libby, many of the vice president's close associates felt. Libby had done so much of the preparation for the vice president's meetings and events, and so much of the hard work. He had been almost part of Cheney's brain.
So one consequence of the leak case, according to Woodward's account, was that it took Cheney out of the game. Readers of Woodward's book can decide whether that was a positive or negative development."
* Corn also notes, via woodward, that Armitage was offered both Tenet and Negroponte's job. fancy that.

* via FD: "Countdown captured all the GOP Foley finger-pointing talking-points directed at everyone but themselves. Pretty funny..." youtube

* booman:
"Let's review. On July 5, 2001, the CIA told Ashcroft that "a significant terrorist attack was imminent...that preparations for multiple attacks were in late stages or already complete and that little additional warning could be expected". On July 10th, Tenet and Black were so alarmed about an impending attack that they raced over to the White House to try to shake Rice out of her stupor. On July 12th, Acting FBI Director Thomas Pickard tried to brief Ashcroft on the threat and was brushed off. Then on July 17th, Tenet and Black gave the same presentation that they gave to Rice on the 10th, to Rumsfeld and to Ashcroft. On July 26, 2001 CBS News reported that Ashcroft would no longer fly commercial airlines"
* booman:

When Zelikow was named as the executive director of the 9/11 Commission the Jersey Girls complained no avail. Here is how one Jersey Girl put it, in an open letter to Ann Coulter.

You don't seem to be aware that Philip Zelikow was the Commission's staff director or of why that position was so important. You also seem ignorant of the fact that Zelikow had served previously on the Bush National Security Council transition team and on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. (Do you even know who the current members of PFIAB are or what PFIAB does? Probably not.) I wonder whether you even know that Zelikow is currently serving as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's Special Counsel. Finally, and most important, are you aware that the White House exercised the "final edits" on the Commission's report? Tell me, Ann, how does that add up to a Democratic whitewash?"
Imagine what Kristen et al are saying this week.

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