Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Carla Binion: Bush's absolute power grab (guest post by Uranus)

I love this. Read her editorial. As for myself, what is there to add?

Many Americans are in denial about what is happening to the United States. They don't want to believe that a totalitarian structure could be put in place in their own country. They don't want to view the various pieces of George W. Bush's "anti-terror" system in that broad a context. They hope that someone or something -- the Supreme Court maybe -- will strike down the excesses of the Republican-controlled Congress and the Executive Branch.


poppie said...

Thanks for all your work Lukery. The duck and the water off its back, etc. Something stinks to high heaven, but folks don't or can't even seem to smell it anymore. Election time and we got: high hopes, we got - high hopes.

Given all that we KNOW is wrong with this country and its leadership, I find it so sad that the people of the Kos revolution can't find anything better to do than debate the finer points of blogging technique. We'll probably still be arguing about that crap in our most self-righteous tone, even after things start to get really bad.

Evidence is important, but when the rules are made by those that play the game, we can only point out the dead bodies.

Many on Kos would laugh their heads off at the thoughtt here is no media bias in this country. Yet that small step of asserting media complicity - cowardice - forgetfulness - or even downright participation - seems to invoke such HEATED OUTRAGE.

I lurk a lot at Kos and think of it as escapist entertainment.

What you are doing, and what a (precious) few others are doing, is promoting lines of thought and inquiry completely ignored by blogger and corporate media alike. Sometimes it gets a mite hard to breathe amidst all the political correctness rampant on Kos.

Your diary brought the muzzling of Sibel Edmonds once again to the forefront, albeit briefly, for the dKos "community". Sadly it seems revolution begets conformity, and strident calls for the guillotine.

The intention of your diary was to bang the drum, not close a conviction. but that subtlety was lost on many. respectability calls, after all. But keep on fightin'.

lukery said...

poppie - thanks for your kind words.

i rarely hang out at dkos - so i was quite surprised by the response! a lot of people have echoed your thoughts today altho none nearly as eloquently as 'revolution begets conformity'! so thanks for that :-)

i'll post another diary (part of an interview) over there first thing in the morning - and we'll see whether i get woodshedded again...