Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Company Bella update

Bella had her hearing today with an immigration judge. There was no debate. The prosecutor had nothing to say and no charges were presented. It was quick and to the point. Bella was released on a 5, 000 bond. She will have to appear in court at some point later, but most everyone agrees that will be routine. So over a month, major legal bills and a 5k bond later, Bella is released from detention without ever having been charged. She is released after having been denied her heart medication, after having been moved in shackles face down on the floor of a van for several hours, after sleeping on a piss stained floor, and finally, after nearly being moved without reason to Atlanta, GA. She has lost nearly a month of salary. Mostly, she has been made to feel a target in this country for doing nothing.

My mother and her mother are on their way to Krome to pay the fee and then they have to drive to Monroe to get her. Sometime late this evening, Bella will be home.

She does not know the work that we all did on her behalf, but she will. In the end, it was our efforts in contacting local authorities, and members of Congress that put pressure on the immigration office to give her a hearing, even as others waited. It was our efforts and the efforts of Congressman Wexler and Congresswoman Deb Wasserman-Shultz that got Bella in front of a judge.

So my family and I thank you all for everything. I would like to thank all of you for your moral support as well. There were a few days I nearly lost my mind. I managed to work even with this going on, which was no easy task. But it was largely do to your moral support and kind words that gave me energy.

But, we are not done. Bella is free, but company Bella is not nor is any other person being held in America's latest fad of detention camps. Operation return to sender must be stopped, habeas corpus must be reinstated, and those detained must be either charged with a crime and allowed a speedy trial or let go. Until such point as this President declares the Constitution is formally null and void, his signing statements mean nothing. His Congressional fluffers and their bills are unconstitutional and must be challenged.

If we do not continue to fight for these people, then in the end, there will be no one to fight for us, because in the end, we will all suffer the consequences of a society that functions on the Stalinist doctrine.

We all have day jobs. We all have other responsibilities, but we must organize a grass roots effort to find out who these people are, men, women, and children... what their names are, why they are being held, and if they have legal representation. This is going on all over the country. I am alarmed that people have not noticed their neighbors disappear. I am alarmed that I have not noticed. But this is real and it is serious. Google operation "return to sender" and after you have regained emotional footing, help stop what can only be described as un-American, 1930's Germany-like, illegal detainment of innocent people, most legal residents, and many who have never broken the law at all, not even to steal a ham sandwich.
yay. that's something! great work everyone. I know that Larisa appreciates all you did.


rimone said...

a huge YAY that Bella's free and thanks to Larisa for informing us here.

how does one go about finding out who the hell they've disappeared?

this is sooooo bad. :-( and as usual, i believe it's part of their plan (throwing shitloads of abuse and thumbing their noses at the law, against the wall) in so far pretty much successful attempts to confuse and obfuscate the truth and fuck over the Constitution, to get us looking in all directions at once.

where to begin?

lukery said...

i think larisa is probably on the case...

Kathleen said...

Thank heaven for Bella's freedom. We all probably would never have known what was happening if she had not been victimized by this.

I said in another comment, that I thought this was a "dry run", practice, to see who noticed and what they have in mind for the rest of us critcal, big mouth, "enemy combatants" now that Das Bush has taken the power to declare which of us is an "enemy combatant".

Busholini is a Texofascist.

I had a feeling Congressman Wexler was very symnpathetic, in addition to being Bella's rep.

Can we find out who the others are? Do we have a legal right to inquire, not being family?

rimone said...

Kathleen, do we actually have any legal rights left? especially those that pertain to what bu$hCo's doing secretly?

i think we used to...once upon a time when things were relatively normal.

Kathleen said...


Well I guess we still have the right to particpate in the electoral farce, for what that's worth.

rimone said...

oh right...voting. big whoop. they sent me an absentee ballot that was totally incomprehensible. it took me hours to fucking find out exactly what info they wanted (especially my 04 voter reg number--i mean, WTF?).

yesterday one came which was pretty much all filled out, all i had to do was blacken the little ovals next to whichever candidate. i did then ran down in the horizontal rain and stood on the queue at the post office, dripping, to post it back the fa$te$t way.

fuck knows if it'll be counted.