Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Constitution is dying...(Applause.)

* read this story about iraq. read it.

* larisa:
"Bush Signs the Reichstag Fire Decree... The Constitution is dying, The Constitution is dying, The Constitution is dying...(Applause.)"
go read.

* what the hell has gotten into josh? is he into the absinthe? he's writing screeds. e.g.:
"My God, it's a bloodbath.

No, not Iraq. That's horror, tragedy. I'm talking about the way the press is turning its hacking, slicing knives on the White House for the pitiful 'stay the course' debacle. The Times and the Post are holding a veritable northeast corridor schadenfreudethon.
Once the White House comes out for pragmatism and flexibility, that leaves them perilously close to embracing reality itself. And that, of course, is like the kryptonite of Bush's superherodom. After that, the deluge."
and there's another here.

* i'm so behind on my emails etc - apologies to those i haven't replied to.


rimone said...

somewhat OT: i think the fact that billmon and others who are way more mature than i'll ever wanna be, the fact they're using variations of 'fuck' and 'fucking' in their posts show either their anxiety pre 7. nov or their anger or both.

lukery said...

i hadnt even noticed an uptick. perhaps im angry & anxious too