Tuesday, October 03, 2006

deadness and junkies

* rimone has a story about deadness and junkies. she has a warning at the top of the post. i talk about similar sorts of things every day, on a mass scale, but i dont add disclaimers.


rimone said...

i cannot believe you, dude...this is gonna so ruin what's left of my rep. *proudtard*

actually, this was an extension from a thread on a forum about the 'most thrilling and/or scarey thing' one has ever done/seen/experienced. my most thrilling was skydiving which i hope i do again and again and again ad infinitum.

lukery said...


i shuold learn to add more disclaimers. 'don't read this unless you are a masochist'

rimone said...

or 'don't read this--too much fucking information on rimone's sordid past' lol

lukery said...

ummm - i've yet to meet a well-adjusted adult who doesn't respect their past