Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Don't forget Poland!

we have two new folks on the Global Strike Force.

please welcome jenny from DonkeyOD and dan from hongpong.

they are both great bloggers. among other things, jenny liberates NYT editorials, and dan is promising a new Sibel section to his site. He's already produced the graphic!

and LeeB totally rocks for producing the GSF map. thnx hunny.

she writes:
This map was missing Iceland. Not any more, so we can now invite additions who live on Iceland. Or Russia. Or China (if they can figure out how to get online without getting killed). We also have a great deal of room on the entire Continent of Africa. Pakistan. India. Even the other side and the interior of Australia. Do we know anyone in New Zealand? France? Italy? Israel??? How 'bout Turkey???? :-)
Don't forget Poland!

btw - how cool is LeeB for adding iceland - just in case? the woman loves her detail. btw - i once gave a presentation to the venture capital industry in Reykjavik(!). What a gorgeous town.

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rimone said...

yay JEN, Dan and LeeB, whose work made this all possible. *hearts to all*