Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Geostrategists are finally turning decisively against the Neocons

starroute re Haig/Brzezinski on Blitzer :
"So it looks like the Geostrategists are finally turning decisively against the Neocons. That should be interesting.

(Brzezinski and Haig, it should be pointed out, although they came out of very different administrations, recently seem to be aligned more than not. For example, they were co-chairs of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya in 1999 -- along with Stephen Solarz.)

And by the way, in checking this out in my files, I happened to find something in a saved Democratic Underground thread from 2002 saying, "Armitage is a strong supporter of old ideas by Zbigniew Brzezinski." That's an interesting connection and might cast some light on all the recent Armitage questions."
i'm interested to actually watch that interview to try to ascertain the tone in Haig's words (in text, it reads like 'disgust'). c&l didn't have it. i guess i'll actually have to go to cnn.com.

bonus note for starroute - i watched something today (i think it was olbermann at c&l) - and frank gaffney was introduced as the president (or some such) of CSP - as though that was his claim to fame - which kinda seemed weird for some reason.

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starroute said...

Yes, I saw that Gaffney thing -- so presumably it was Olbermann. It struck me they were going out of their way not to call him a Neocon.