Sunday, October 01, 2006


* there's a pretty cool neocon youtube here. 5 mins.

* viget:
"But there are good people who try to resist this lunacy and they're being heard at least by us here on the blogosphere. Try to imagine how more FUBARed things would be if there weren't any Sibel Edmonds or other whistleblowers coming forward! Or if Fitzgerald just rolled over and closed his investigation? At least this time, unlike with Iran-Contra, I think we will see some people face some serious repercussions. And the info will get out, the internets will see to that.

Or we'll be living in a dictatorship.

Obviously, I hope the former is true."
* rimone to larisa:
moving right along, please allow me to gush over here---i so admire your work and i wanna thank you for all you've written. on a more personal note, when i get totally outraged, i get like tongue-tied and can only curse and make fun of whomever, if there's opportunity.

you've put my mangled thoughts into such coherent clarity so many times since i first read you---thank you for that."

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rimone said...

i'll kill you...i'm SO ashamed, lol.

ps, my test word started w/bum (bumbxjg). a sign? tee hee.