Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hadley was a Cheney-Rumsfeld "sleeper agent"

* woodward via EW:
"In private, Tenet told Armitage he believed that Hadley was a Cheney-Rumsfeld "sleeper agent"--an intelligence term for an undercover agent who lurks dormant without a mission for years, but who can be awakened to do the bidding of his handlers. It was a hyperbolic statement, but it reflected the growing animus between the CIA and the NSC."
* kos on my sibel/hastert post:
"This isn't a credible piece

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I don't care whose hearsay is being quoted.

I don't need this site to become the left's version of the Arkansas Project.

And I can't believe so many of you recommended this merely because crazy claims were thrown out and they sounded good.

Shit. We rag on Republicans for pushing bullshit stories without evidence (or counter to the evidence), and here are a bunch of you doing the same on our side.

* everyone is pointing to Krugman's latest - for good reason. Jen has the whole thing.

* amy:
"Hunter College student Stephanie Schwartz says Coast Guard officials stopped her two weeks ago aboard the ferry. During the summer, Iraqi blogger Raed Jarrar was stopped by security officials for wearing the same t-shirt at JFK Airport. He was forced to change the shirt before boarding a JetBlue flight. [includes rush transcript] Later today a protest will take place at the Staten Island Ferry in New York city. Recently, a woman riding the ferry was stopped, surrounded and questioned by U.S. Coast Guard officials. She was wearing a T-shirt that had Arabic print on it. It read "We Will Not Be Silent.""
* newsweek via froomkin:
"On "Impeaching George W. Bush," 51 percent of those polled called it a top or lower priority, compared to 44 percent who said it should not be done at all.

Among Democrats, that split was 73-23; among independents, 53-44, and among Republicans, 20-78."
* froomkin:
"(Cheney) has repeatedly misled the public about Iraq, arguably exercises all the power of the presidency in almost complete secrecy, quite possibly stage-managed the leaking of a CIA agent's identity for political purposes, holds inexplicable sway over Congress, appears to be in a state of denial that transcends even that of the president, and has basically no credibility left with the American people -- and Time plays footsie with him."


noise said...

The "bad advice" given to Democratic politicians is IMO a bunch of BS. I would argue the reason the Democrats are a shitty opposition party is because (for the most part) they DO NOT share the values of their base.

You put some "average Americans" in Congress and they would nip this Rove shit in the bud in one day. There would be no "Dems are weak on terror" garbage. No toleration of "cut and run" accusations. It's the difference between talking a good game and doing something about it.

Then again, perhaps many politicians mean well at first but eventually lose their souls in a system that lends itself to corruption.

noise said...

In regards to KOS, I can't help but consider that Repubs AND Dems sit by quietly as Edmond's state secrets gag remains in place.

I wonder why some liberal/progressive media sources don't demand more answers from the Democratic politicians. We know the Repubs are corrupt as can be. But there are only two parties. Maybe Moulitsas should pick up a phone and call his political buddies and quiz them before he sits down at the old keyboard. I thought he wanted to "crash the gates." What better way than to call on the Dems to put Hastert on the spot. Last I checked Denny isn't exactly Mr. Trustworthy these days.

lukery said...

"Then again, perhaps many politicians mean well at first but eventually lose their souls in a system that lends itself to corruption."
i thinks that's pretty close. imagine how many bribery offers they get. given the competition by the bribers, it wouldn't surprise me if they start 'grooming' when they are just candidates.

lukery said...

re kos/hastert - i can't believe that they don't wanna take hastert down while he is on the ropes. it would guarantee the dems take two houses.

rimone said...

kos, like the original wonkette, has become one of 'them' --- i think his yearly kos and book have gone to his head and he doesn't wanna take a chance on anything.

moron(s). (ps, i don't read dKos anymore either and ana marie whassername is a joke)

lukery said...

do you think i'll be like that after our first YearlyLukery?

Don said...

Just waiting on those winning lottery numbers and it's Tahiti here we come... ;)

rimone said...

'our' YearlyLukery?

woo-hooo! i look forward to EVERY chance i can get to lower the bar of accepted adult behavior. :-)

lukery said...

thnx Don - we won't let you forget that.

perhaps we'll call it EerilyLukery

rimone said...

perhaps we'll call it 'rimone pushes lukery outta the way' and if y'all don't do what i say, i'll force you to do stuff like drink and/or smoke until you can't get up. *evil* lol

i live for the day when we can all meet here, in our various worldly physical places and virtually *clink* our glasses of champagne or whatever and say stoopit stuff cause we're so happy the rethugs are down. a grrrl can dream... *sigh*

lukery said...

NO! dont make me do that! I hate the brer patch!

meanwhile, let's have an interim celebratory party on nov 8. (i'm sooo not even thinking about the alternative)

rimone said...

i am. :-( that stupid fuck is still so sure of hisself. just read the article but can't be arsed to find it now; anyway, he was saying some shit about Democratic party members getting ahead of themselves, already 'measuring the drapes' or whatever shite.