Wednesday, October 25, 2006

happy birthday

it is my brother's birthday today.

happy birthday benjamin - wherever you are. we miss you.


rimone said...

awwww, luke. :-(

my dad's b-day is coming up on 3. november. for the fifty millionth time, i'm sooo happy he's not around to see this. he was one of those (parents born in Russia and Germany then immigrated to the States) who pulled himself and parents out of poverty by going to college and getting a good job. had he been alive, he'd have had a stroke in 12/2K. been gone 10 years now. i still miss him, a LOT.

lukery said...

here's cheers to your dad.

i hope he isnt watching.

rimone said...

thanks Lukery. sometimes i feel (wishful thinking) that i know he's watching ME, all happy that i escaped unwittingly, when i did.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I didn't know about your brother, Luke. It's a sad time of year for me. Mom's birthday was Nov. 2. She passed away in 1994 at 69 on what would have been my brother's 20th anniversary, June 9. She died rather horribly. My brother's birthday was Dec. 2. He passed away Dec. 27, 2004, the day after the tsunami. That was traumatic and extraordinary, too. Dad will be 82 Dec. 20 and told me a short time back the day is coming when I'll be all that's left of our family. It's hard to say which was harder, living with them or without them, but starting a family is something I never had the ambition to do.

lukery said...

uranus - good luck through the next period. it sounds tough.

hopefully there will be some birthday joy for you in the interim. my memory is failing me - is that next week?