Thursday, October 12, 2006

how unlike our enemies we are

* athenae:
"During the early days of the Iraq war, conservative acquaintances would try to score points with me by pointing out how unlike our enemies we were. How we governed by laws, with fairness, with concern for equality.

How we would never, ever do to our prisoners what they do to theirs: beheadings, forced confessions, forced religious conversions, all recorded on tape and posted online and sent out on TV.

They're animals. We're enlightened.

I'd like to ask them now, in the wake of Congressional passage of a bill that denies fundamental rights that have stood for more than 200 years, if they still feel we are so superior.

Sure, we still don't behead. That we know of. Yet."

* huffpo on sibel:
"There is a clear need for a congressional hearing to expose all the facts of this very serious matter. However, it would be impossible to hold such a hearing as long as the White House and the Congress are controlled by Republicans who are eager to protect not only their own leadership in the House but also many top officials in both the Pentagon and the State Department who are allegedly involved in these illegal activities.

Furthermore, while the Bush administration is aggressively confronting the Korean and Iranian nuclear programs, shouldn't the American public expect a similar concern for Turkey's efforts in this regard, particularly since it is alleged that high ranking current and former administration officials are covertly assisting Turkey to go nuclear?"

* google's blogsearch is so stupid. if you search my place for 'sibel' - you get three hits.

* meanwhile, I've just published Part Four - "Perle's World" - of my interview with KTM co-director.

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