Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I think he meant "teh Google."

* lindorff:
'I propose that the anti-war and impeachment movements combine forces and organize a massive petition campaign to obtain five million signatures calling on the Congress to initiate impeachment hearings on President Bush’s Constitutional high crimes, misdemeanors, treason and bribery, and that this petition be delivered to the future Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the future chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). Delivery of this document could be made on January 20, 2007, on the sixth anniversary of Bush’s benighted first inauguration."

* arianna (thnx KA):
"So the good news in the Connecticut Senate race is that the party is finally stepping up to the plate. Unfortunately, the news is good for Joe Lieberman, because the party that's rising to the occasion is the GOP.

The question is: why aren't the Democrats doing the same thing for Ned Lamont?
How about standing for something now, when it counts, and stepping up to the plate for Ned Lamont? Those who don't should pay a price down the line. The Lamont litmus test is one we should definitely get behind."
* stephen hatfill is back in the news (thnx ew) :
" A federal magistrate judge has ordered The New York Times to disclose the identities of three confidential sources used by one of its columnists, Nicholas Kristof, for columns he wrote about the investigation of the deadly anthrax mailings of 2001.

The order, issued Friday by Magistrate Judge Liam O’Grady, requires the newspaper to disclose the identities of the three sources to lawyers for Dr. Steven J. Hatfill, who has brought a defamation suit against The Times.
Judge O’Grady’s ruling identifies the remaining unnamed sources as two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and a former colleague or friend of Dr. Hatfill at Fort Detrick."
* watertiger:
"I think he meant "teh Google.""
heh heh heh


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