Saturday, October 28, 2006

importing heroin

i've been running behind all day - but miguel has some comments re my " Perle & Feith and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)" post.

"In terms of cultural organizations, the only evidence I've seen so far is that Sibel knows specifically about Turkish cultural organizations. However, that does not preclude the Albanians, the Uzbeks or other groups doing the same thing.

What is not entirely clear is what exactly these Turkish cultural groups are doing in terms of the drug trade. Many of these members are Turkish yuppies- professionals with jobs in finance. I see them more as potential money launderers rather than transporters of drugs. After all, if they delivered cash to Hastert's house, they might have helped him launder those same funds.

On the other hand, I told you in a private email once that my cousin ran across a very shady Turkish musician that seemed to have ties to the Turkish mafia. So anything is pobbible. But Sibel seems to imply the major transport network seems to go on cargo planes. Didn't she tell you Celebi Group? So if these musicians do transport drugs, I see them as more the "local distribution network" rather than the transport backbone.
i've never been able to understand that heroin distribution mechanism - i've seen it argued that there is a difference between the importation of coke and heroin. for one reason or other, coke apparently gets delivered by the ton, and heroin gets imported in much smaller lots - 1, 2, 3 kg - although i've also heard of the occasional plane load of H. My *sense* is that for one reason or other (probably historical/legacy), the heroin market enters the 'retail' end of the market much earlier (i.e. pre-importation) in the distribution system. perhaps i'm wrong.

We had a famous case here in the last 12 months where the "Bali Nine" were caught strapped with a kilo or two each to their bodies. i suspect that is the generic M.O. for heroin distribution everywhere - although i have no real idea why that is the case.

miguel, part two:
"It's also worth mentioning I think Sibel was trying to kill 2 birds with one stone when she mentioned an Uzbek cultural group in Germany. 1) She was trying to draw a broad outline without giving specfics i.e. Turkish cultural organizations in America and 2) She was showing that Germany and Uzbekistan play into this whole scandal (Melek Dickerson first worked for the Deep State in Germany; her husband procured weapons for the Uzbeks."
Sibel's 'Uzbek cultural group in Germany' hypothetical did sound a bit weird - i tried to find a group that fit that description and didnt really come up with anything so maybe she was really just using a hypothetical. OTOH - in some of my early sibel stuff i used to say stuff like 'she sounds like she's pointing at Feith - but surely that's just a hypothetical!' - and we know how that turned out...

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