Friday, October 13, 2006

Joe Wilson: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice are lying sons of bitches

* wingnut seixon rails against Lancet:
"Why do I say that? 600,000 dead people in 3 years? That’s insane. That’s like a mini-Holocaust. Hitler and the Nazis had facilities for processing, killing, and burning people. Has anything close to that been going on in Iraq?"
* southpark did a piece on 911 conspiracies

* joe wilson at huffpo via don:
"The core values enshrined in our founding documents are those that I fought for as a diplomat overseas for so many years. I never envisioned that one day I might have to return home to fight for them here.
The article I wrote for the New York Times challenged sixteen words in the President's State of the Union address. The next day the White House spokesman acknowledged that those sixteen words did not quote rise to the inclusion in the State of the Union unquote. Why then, do we not know who put the lie in the President's mouth? Why instead do we know the name of a covert CIA officer who happens to be my wife?
This is still a nation where a citizen can get up every morning and shout at the top of his lungs that the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State are lying sons of bitches, and survive to see the sun go down. I know. I do it most days.

Don't take my word for it. Ask Valerie.


I have looked into the abyss of tyranny during a lifetime of living in authoritarian dictatorships from Franco's Spain to Eyadema's Togo to Saddam's Iraq. Together we will, we must, ensure that this country that we so love, and the fundamental values that have so protected us, do not slide into that same abyss."

* from demnow:
" Right now, the Department of Defense, if you ask them how many service members are in Iraq, they’ll answer 150,000. However if you ask the question, “How many service members are now deployed to the global war on terror, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?” the number is actually 250,000. The higher number takes into account service members in places like Kuwait, Qatar, Diego Garcia and the nations surrounding Iraq and Afghanistan and aboard ships."


damien said...

The Lancet death figures in Iraq have been taking a beating from the usual media pundits. The Guardian replies:

"But the US researchers have the backing of four separate independent experts who reviewed the new paper for the Lancet. All urged publication. One spoke of the "powerful strength" of the research methods, which involved house-to-house surveys by teams of doctors across Iraq."

Tim Lambert also provides a useful discussion, noting that official Iraq death records are notoriously understated:

"Even with the death certificate system, only about one-third of deaths were captured by the government's surveillance system in the years before the current war, according to informed sources in Iraq. At a death rate of 5/1000/year, in a population of 24 million, the government should have reported 120,000 deaths annually. In 2002, the government documented less than 40,000 from all sources. The ministry's numbers are not likely to be more complete or accurate today."

lukery said...

thnx D. it's so much fun watching heads explode over this.

rimone said...

just FYI, i won't waste my time by going over to hot air as well as malkin's own hate shite, et al. i leave that for those who are much stronger than me. just sayin' lol