Tuesday, October 10, 2006

just make shit up

* I haven't got around to watching (I never do!) Moyers' thing on Abramoff. You can see it here.

* and scott points me to PBS's "The Enemy Within" - Scott:
Tuesday, October 10, 2006, at 9pm Eastern, government TV’s Frontline - after all the bogus arrests on terrorism charges across this country over the last few years - will be taking on the question of whether al-Qaeda actually has people here in America at all.

Frontline’s splash page says they’ll be looking at that poor Hamid Hayat kid out of Lodi, California, who was entrapped by a snitch and convicted of “Un-Americanism.” If they do the story justice at all it will generate outrage in .001 percent of the U.S. population for at least an hour.

It is clear from their ad on the front page of RawStory who the real enemies of freedom are.

If the state does a comparably competent job with Americans turned over to the military under the new Destroy American Liberty Forever by Suspending Habeas Corpus Act (DALFSHCA) as they have done with those lucky enough to get trials, I guess I’ll be seein’ ya’ll at Guantanamo Bay.

See you there Scott. It's a date. I'll be wearing orange.

(if you are feeling bored - go say something at Scott's place about WTC7, or controlled demolition, or the pentagon - even if you don't believe in any of that. even better, just make shit up. he'll love you.)


rimone said...

It's a date. I'll be wearing orange.


Scott Horton said...

Dammit Luke! Is that you sending all the kooks over to my place?! Stop it! Immediately! or I'll hire the government to come steal all your stuff and give it to me!!

: )

Yeah. I'll see you there bro.

Anonymous said...

It was all God's will.

damien said...

btw everyone know about the third commercial plane in downtown NY on the morning of 911?

rimone said...

anonymous, i'm so stealing that, if you tell me who you are, i'd like to thank you for it (or just make up any name; i won't know the dif). :-)

lukery said...

scott - i think only one of my guys went over there - 'other mike'

anon - that's great.

rimone - credit me, credit me!

damien - that's kinda freaky. what does it mean?

rimone said...

Luke: credit me, credit me!

no worries, dude (as if i wouldn't say 'found at lukery's' or whatever). it'll be sometime tomorrow cause i'm doing the red stripey thing again and that shit takes hours and is particularly grueling since i try to be all 'interested' when attempting to stay on the hairdressers' good side, all of whom, it seems, are into celebs and stuff.

inside i'm going 'jesus! do your job and then leave me the fuck alone so i can read my book' but noooooo, lol