Sunday, October 29, 2006

kickin back with lukery et al

i got nothin.

it's open mike time

what are your favorite social issues this weekend?

what drugs do you wish you were doing? to what music? with what type of partner? after what meal? wearing what? in what location?


«—U®Anu§—» said...

I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce the other day, and I just enjoyed another portion. I'm watching a macabre, old French movie called Eyes Without A Face about a girl whose father keeps transplanting faces on her which her body rejects. And the news story I like is this one about David Walker, who heads the GAO and says the U.S. is heading quickly to economic disaster. He's on tour to explain to anyone who'll listen that it needs to become the top issue in people's minds, because we could soon owe more than the total worth of everyone in the country.

rimone said...

more coke and pure MDMA please. :-)

still recuperating from saturday night/sunday morning, flattered as all hell that Rock spent like eight hours w/Chris and me over at Chris's flat talking mathematics, philosophy, the Long Tail meme and band stuff. heh.

what were the other questions again? *snigger* right: only Alabama 3 music or Rock Freebase's music.

partner? anyone of my friends i know in meatspace.

what's a meal again?

wearing my skin tight black jeans w/the zippers on the back pockets and my skull t-shirt and Cons, of course.

in what location? do you really have to ask? lol, ENGLAND (or Scotland). lol, Luke, you're so funny. :-)